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Attention: Ghost invoices in circulation

Attention: Ghost invoices in circulation

Attention: Ghost invoices in circulation

Unfortunately, we have to clarify another annoying issue in this blog post, because a number of phantom bills are making the rounds again among our customers and customers of other providers. These invoices are not accurate and are only used to defraud and extort money. So let's take a look at what they look like and how you can be sure that you are paying the right invoices at MijnHostingPartner.nl and all other MijnPartnerGroep.nl partners.

When registering a domain name, the registration details are publicly available to many, which is abused by malicious people who also look at Dutch domains. And then send an email with a bogus invoice to trick unsuspecting customers. So with any invoice you receive, you always need to make sure where it's coming from. And how it's being paid. Read on quickly to find out how to do this, and stay safe with your domain name and hosting.

How can ghost invoices be detected?

Ghost invoices, malware spreading mails and all other forms of abuse obviously do not have a standard layout by which you can easily recognize them. They constantly adapt and use different layouts and ways to duplicate multiple users. Of course, that's also what makes it so difficult to counter. In the current example we received from a customer who was targeted by this party, the email came from a regular Gmail account.

The current mail that is circulating is sent with the party "Comnet24 Domain & Hosting Service NL" and signs and sends invoices in PDF format. So, as soon as you see this name in your inbox again, you can immediately block the email address used and delete the email.

The following images are bogus invoices and therefore not legitimate!
If you receive them, they can be deleted and blocked!

Attention: Ghost invoices in circulation

About the email sent, which is not legitimate.

Attention: Ghost invoices in circulation

About the invoice that is not legitimate!

If in doubt, just ask us. You can reach us through the usual channels. You can contact one of our employees directly through the chat and the ticket system.

Check the e-mail address

The email address can be a good indication that something strange is going on. We will only send you emails with our domains, so you will see @myhostingpartner.co.uk and mainly @mypartnergroup.co.uk. We do not send other email addresses like Gmail, Hotmail or other suspicious domain names. And can be deleted immediately if they send invoices for a domain name you have running with us.

Check all invoices by viewing them through MijnHostingPartner.nl's customer panel.

If you receive an invoice that you don't trust or at least want to check, remember that every invoice we send or create can also be found in the customer panel. If it cannot be found in the customer panel, it is not legitimate. All invoices can be viewed in My Invoices after logging in to the Customer Panel, as well as all previously completed invoices and other histories. So you can also be made aware of invoices that have already been paid if you still receive an email about them.

By the way, the customer panel can also be double-secured by using two-factor authentication in addition to a strong password. This ensures that you always have to enter a second authentication code to log in to the customer panel. This ensures that the login is authentic.

Pay securely via the customer panel using your preferred payment method.

Invoices are also easier and more secure to pay through the customer panel, with an instant link and introduction for your preferred payment method. Enabled by Mollie. Payments can be made securely via iDEAL, but also with, for example, a credit card, PayPal and many other options we support. So payments are processed instantly, and there is no more confusion about whether an invoice has already been paid or not.

It is also possible to set up direct debit for all your services at MijnHostingPartner.nl or our other concepts at MIjnPartnerGroep.nl. Then no further action is required after the one-time setup. This is easy for anyone who wants to keep this to a minimum.

Before you transfer an invoice that you have received by e-mail, you should always pay close attention to what it is about and ask the other party. If you transfer bills in blind faith, it could give you the cold shoulder. So pay close attention to which email address it is, what the invoice is about, and whether it can also be checked and verified at a second location.