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Work on your ranking with webshops

Work on your ranking with webshops

Work on your ranking with webshops

With a web store, you often rely entirely on ads to bring visitors to your web store. These can be ads on the Google search network for relevant products and terms, on social media to target an audience, or directly on other websites via the display network. However, with a web store it is also possible to rank via natural results if you use some clever tricks. We want to cover these in this blog post!

How is your web store set up?

Your web store can be set up in various ways, with popular solutions like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart or NopCommerce. To closed source solutions like Shopify or MijnWebShopPartner.nl. With all the different systems, things work a little differently. The choice of webshop determines how much extra work you can put into it on the technical side. WooCommerce, for example, may require several plug-ins to achieve what other webshops can achieve without plug-ins.

So check a few things in your webshop tech documentation and ask if this is possible with your chosen solution. All the items below can then be added to this list.

Adding texts and information about individual products

The description of an individual product is extremely important, not only to make it clear to users and visitors what can be achieved with it. But also for the crawlers of the search engines. Because for 99.9% of products, a single image is not meaningful enough. And even for this 0.1%, there is a bit more to tell than just a picture. For example, a painting can be described, some information about the style and the artist and the story behind it. So even if you are trying to sell something purely graphic, it is still possible to write some accompanying text.

You can optimize this text for specific keywords to name a cross, full leather men's shoes, can be incorporated here several times, of course. However, do not force it, as this may be detrimental to the reading experience.

An accompanying text can be stored for each product, not a challenge for any webshop owner who has about 20 products in his webshop. However, for large stores with hundreds of products, this can be a challenge. So try to plan this for yourself, not only for new products, but also go back in your catalog to complete this for existing products.

Completing and creating landing pages

Landing pages are a powerful tool for welcoming your website visitors, because they can be optimized not only for ads. But also for attracting visitors via organic search and social results. On a landing page, you can target a specific product category. Or you can unpack a specific product or topic in more detail. Of course, for landing pages, as for everything else, there is no set word count. However, around 800 to 2,000 words is recommended. Certain topics and products will naturally require more or less text.

Landing pages can rank by optimizing for specific terms, making the most of their placement to attract visitors. The goal of the following landing pages is to make buying a particular service or product as easy as possible. So, provide a unique button or link on the screen that takes them directly into the process.

Start a blog to share information about your products or industry.

In addition to a web store, you can also set up a blog on the same website hosting. With a blog, you can attract visitors with often lengthy terms or additional information that may be of interest to your target audience. In almost any content management system that has web store functionality, you can also start a blog with the same system. So they can easily run side by side on the same website. Within the same system. So there's no need to set up a subdomain or subfolder for it.

Launch a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel can also be a powerful tool not only for increasing brand awareness, but also for your organic search results. After all, you can rank organically with a video on YouTube itself. But also within Google. Again, videos show up first for topics and terms or elsewhere in search results.

With a video, you can also explain your product or service in more detail in an often simpler way; reviews or overviews of products are and remain incredibly popular on YouTube. Potential buyers who aren't ready can be won over with an informative video that you control.

So apply these tips to your business now and never miss an opportunity!