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Wat is email-only hosting?

Wat is email-only hosting?

Wat is email-only hosting?

In certain situations, it is not necessary to opt for a more comprehensive or higher total package. An email hosting package is then sufficient. But what can you do with just email hosting? Or as we call it, the email package. We'll explain that in detail in this blog post!

Your own email address, what does it mean?

Everyone has their own email address, in everyday life you encounter many situations where you are asked for your email address. Many people have a free provider for this and don't worry about it, but having a free provider for your email has its drawbacks. Read more about it in the next headline. Having your own email address means registering your own domain name. You can then associate your own email address with that domain name. For example, as with the domain name MijnHostingPartner.nl, you can register your own domain name and then create as many email addresses as you want under that name.

So this is also interesting for personal use, for example if you register your last name as a domain name. For example, register the domain name deboer.nl. And here you can then create your first name as an email address for it. Like paul@devries.nl and many other possibilities. So you can set up an email address for your whole family and host it under one email package. The only limit that we have set here is the available disk space of the package. By default, this is 15 GB for an email package. You can further divide this among your accounts as you see fit. With 5 GB of storage for 1 account, you can store mails for years if you occasionally clean up the ads.

Check if your domain name is still free in the domain name check right when you order! Endings other than .nl are also available, such as .com .be or .eu. But also for example .me or many other country endings. Take a look to find your desired domain name right away.

Disadvantages of a free e-mail provider

With a free email provider like Outlook.com or Gmail, you often don't have access to many features that you can have with your own email package hosting. With a free email provider, you are also always the product, ads are served based on the content of your email, and once a party decides to close the account, you no longer have any control over it. With a paid email package, you're done in one fell swoop for a low annual cost. And all your data stays in your own hands and in your own country. All our servers are located in Dutch data centers in Amsterdam and Utrecht, so they are also protected by AVG legislation and the wider protection of the European Union. With free email providers or providers, your data is almost always stored in America or in countries outside the European Union, with all the consequences that entails.

It is also not possible to link your own domain name to a free email provider. This is often possible for a fee, but it's usually more expensive than getting your own Email package from MijnHostingPartner.nl.

Email hosting package - specifications and possibilities

With an email package you have a domain name and the email package for a low annual fee, check our website for the current price to order immediately. With our mail server you also have many options, besides the standard 15GB of storage you also have the ability to log in anytime, anywhere through our webmail. All you need is an internet browser. In this webmail you will also have access to a calendar and many other additional features.

Would you rather manage your email address in your favorite application like Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail? That's also easy to set up with our step-by-step guide in the knowledge base. You can also set up the email address within your phone in your favorite application to reply to emails or keep your inbox in order wherever you go.

Of course, the security of your email is also an important consideration for anyone who wants to manage their own email, which is why we offer the option to connect via SSL security by default. This means that your email data will always go over the line encrypted. Public networks that are used do not pose any risk to your email data in this respect. Many measures have also been taken in the background to improve the security of your e-mails by default. For example, a DMARC certificate is active by default and additional security is provided at the DNS level. This can already make a big difference in terms of the amount of SPAM and spoofing you could receive if this wasn't enabled.

So, with all these benefits, it's a logical choice to opt for your own email package! Get your package now and start creating and setting up the email addresses you want right away.