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Starting an Umbraco blog

Starting an Umbraco blog

Starting an Umbraco blog

Umbraco for your Blog

You can create a blog in a lot of ways. You can work on it yourself with a nice bootstrap template that you choose. We have given a lot of examples in previous blog posts. Or you can use a Content Management System like WordPress and Grav CMS.

But what if you want to use all the advantages of ASP.NET? Then you can choose the CMS within ASP.NET, Umbraco. Umbraco hosting is an open source Content Management System that we at MijnHostingPartner.nl naturally support and have a long experience hosting websites with. What always surprises us is how fast and stable an Umbraco website remains. Whether it is an older Umbraco website or one with the latest version. You can build on Umbraco as a CMS.

Which package is most suitable for me?

To host an Umbraco blog in the hosting of MijnHostingPartner.nl you should use one of our ASP.NET Core packages. Here you have your own Dedicated Application Pool and it always runs super fast on our SSD disks. This way you can always be sure that your blog can be read by everyone and that you won't have any missed opportunities.

How do you install Umbraco?

Umbraco can be installed easily and quickly by anyone. This can be done via our web app gallery or directly from the Umbraco website. Within a few clicks you can get started with your Umbraco blog!

When you use the standard demo site of Umbraco, it comes with a blog, so you can start working with it right away. You can create a blog post via the simple interface of Umbraco. Take a look at the image below to see how this works.

Starting an Umbraco blog

You can maintain an Umbraco blog with ease, create your blog post and add your images and media. That's it. You can save it right away and publish it or save it for a later stage. Starting an Umbraco blog is easy and quick with the hosting of MijnHostingPartner.nl!