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Pico Hosting

At MijnHostingPartner.nl we have been experimenting with "Flat File" content management systems, these are systems that do not use a database and are therefore very light and fast.
This can have many advantages if you have a simple blog website, you can easily and quickly create new pages and put them live without having to perform an installation.

Flat File System

You have probably heard this term before, but what is it exactly?
A Flat File System is simply a system that does not use a database and is therefore ideal for simple websites such as blogs.
Why this works so well for these types of blogs is because these blogs generally do not use a database so you can quickly install the cms.
This system does not only have an impact on the installation but also on the speed of your website.
Because it uses no database it will therefore load faster for optimal user convenience.
The great thing about Pico CMS is that it requires no installation, so you can start using your website almost immediately!

Plugins & themes

Another big advantage of Pico CMS is that it can be extended with plugins and themes so you can choose a nice theme and extend your website with plugins for your hosting!
The reason that themes and plugins are made for this is because Pico is an open source content management system.
This means that you can just download the code of the program and modify it if you are a web developer this is a lot of fun to play with.
Because it is open source it is advisable to take a few extra steps to secure your site.
The reason for this is because it is open source anyone can access the code, even malicious people.
Those malicious people then look into the code to find out where there are leaks and that way they can get into your site.
If you have done this you are all set to make use of Pico at MijnHostingPartner.nl!