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Is it possible to put a website online for free?

Is it possible to put a website online for free?

Is it possible to put a website online for free?

It is possible to put a website online for free, but if you use such free services, there are a lot of problems. And that can mean wasted effort for a website you've invested a lot of time and effort in. In this blog post, you'll learn what you need to consider when hosting a free website and why it's smarter to invest in a low-cost hosting package at MijnHostingPartner.co.uk.

If you use a free service, you are the product

When you use a free service, you and the data you use / collect / or create yourself are the product, with free hosting it's no different.

You will often see advertising, a permanent ad on your website, or even the data or website you created being used for other purposes you had in mind. With hosting specifically, you're often looking for a home base to host your projects, and if you're looking for free hosting, your budget for this will be limited. However, it's worth investing in your own hosting package, even if you're hosting projects that aren't profitable themselves. After all, you get a lot back without having to worry about what happens to your data.

With free hosting, what happens to your data is entirely up to the hoster

Free hosting providers will often ask you to upgrade to a paid product and will remind you more than once to upgrade your product to a paid product. More than once, you will hit limits on your package that many other services call standard. This can lead to frustration and delays, causing you to spend a lot of time.

It is also often the case that your website or project must reach a certain number of visitors in order to maintain your website; if you fall below this number, your data will be deleted and your hosting package will be terminated.

In addition, your data may also be passed on to third parties who use it for advertising purposes, and it may also end up abroad where it does not belong.

Affordable hosting packages and domain names that you can configure and use to your heart's content

MijnHostingPartner.nl has affordable packages ready for you to get the most out of your project, with extensive specifications and at a competitive price, for example with the cheapest Total package you already have 25 GB total storage space. Mail, a choice of three different databases and access to many different options for designing your website. A blank canvas that you can set up as you wish.

Is free hosting worth it?

Trying to host your website for free is possible, but you will quickly reach your limits. Be it that you are not allowed to use your own domain name or that your data will simply be deleted if you do not attract enough visitors. Even with good intentions, free hosting can leave a bitter aftertaste.

We therefore recommend that you don't do this, and for less than a week's purchase you can host your domain name and website for a year with generous restrictions. Get your hosting package now and register your domain name to start hosting your website right away!