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Gmail alternative

Gmail alternative

Gmail alternative

Gmail is one of the most popular email providers for personal and business use. If you are looking for an alternative to this for your own domain name, then we at MijnHostingPartner.com have a cheap package for you. Here you have the same functionality as in Gmail. Let's take a look at email for your own domain name in this blog post!

Email is still part of everyday business life for many, and email is still an important means of communication for private use as well. Whether you use email to receive quotes, process orders, or get in touch with your contacts. With an email, you can make appointments and communicate anywhere in the world for free.

When Gmail launched in 2004 as a free, ad-supported service, it quickly became a hit with many users. However, if you want more, don't want to see ads and want to use your own domain name, you can use an alternative like MijnHostingPartner.co.uk to control your own emails for a low annual price. What's more, all data is stored securely in the Netherlands without being shared with third parties. Read on to find out all the advantages that having your own email address can offer you.

Your own domain name, more personal and professional

With your own domain name, you can make your email address much more personal and professional. At MijnHostingPartner.nl you can create an unlimited number of email addresses, the only limit being the storage space you use. With a standard email hosting package, you will have a total of 15 GB of storage space at your disposal, which you can further divide up yourself. If you want to have more space available, it can be expanded for a small extra charge.

Your own domain name can be registered with a long list of extensions, which usually depend on the country you operate in. For Dutch businesses, the choice often falls on .nl, while for English-speaking services, .com is often the preferred choice. However, you can take a look at the domain name configurator to find the most suitable domain name for you. The domain name itself is fully customizable and can be adapted to your company name or your last name for personal purposes, for example. However, you can also come up with a nice name for it. In most cases, it is recommended to keep the text short and not use any foreign characters. This makes it less easy to pass it on verbally. You can also customize your email address in terms of the name used for the @ sign. For example, you can use your own name for it, but you can also use the standard info@ or helpdesk@ for your respective business units.

As a company with your own domain name, you also exude a more professional image when you send from your own email address. So don't use a free service or domain name for this. It will also look better on your company vehicles and in your advertising. And that only benefits your business.

Can be used anywhere and set up on any device

An email address should be flexible to use, of course. You want to receive the latest emails on your desk at the office, on your laptop when visiting a customer, and from your couch on your phone. An email address from MijnHostingPartner.nl can be managed from any internet browser with our webmail and further set up on any device with a local email client. It is available both for free and for a fee. You can even set it up on your phone in your regular Gmail application. So that you can use it seamlessly.

At MijnHostingPartner.com, we have an extensive knowledge base that will guide you through almost any email application to set up your email address. And which you can then use to quickly get started with your created email addresses.

Data stays in the Netherlands

What is often not considered when using free email addresses is that the data is stored in other countries, often in the USA, where the same rules and laws do not apply as here in the Netherlands. The content of your emails is also tracked and used for advertising within the Gmail environment and within Google's advertising network. Which you can also find on other websites and in the search network.

With MijnHostingPartner.com hosting, you pay for the email address and hosting, which means that the email is not dependent on the sale or use of your data. We also manage our own servers, which are located in robust server farms in Utrecht and Amsterdam. And are thus connected to the Internet hubs of the Netherlands. This results in optimal speed and stability.

Freedom and control over your data

Your data remains on your own soil and is not passed on to third parties. This gives you the peace of mind that only you can control your email traffic, both as a company and for personal use. In addition, you also have the option to easily import existing emails using our import tool. When you log into the old mail server, all existing messages will be imported. So, something that works ideally for effortlessly switching from Gmail to an alternative.

Are you already ready to switch from Gmail? Request your package now and get started right away!