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Create a website with your own domain name

Create a website with your own domain name

Create a website with your own domain name

A website can be created in many different ways, many tools and options are available on the Internet. However, many of these options do not have their own domain name, but are operated through a subdomain of another provider or the website software. One option is to use the popular blog tool Blogger. This tool is used to create many thousands of websites under a subdomain such as yourwebsite.blogspot.com. This can be used, but having your own domain name has many advantages. We will cover them in this article.

More of yourself

A website can be a creative outlet for your writing, passion or hobby, or of course for your business or startup. With a website that you create yourself, you can create more of yourself. No one else holds you responsible for what content appears on your site. (As long as it stays legal, of course). You can write and create content about anything you want. With a subdomain with a particular website provider, you are more specific about what content is appropriate in the eyes of the provider. And they can pull the plug at any time. Another tactic is to take the site offline after some time if it's not being visited. Assuming you've saved your own project here, you've lost it.

The free internet is, of course, part of the foundation of the internet itself, and own hosted websites and domain names are an important part of it. Having your own domain name and website is therefore the first step towards realizing your vision.

Better findability in search engines and easier recognition

Having your own website and domain name also has advantages in the various search engines such as Google and Bing. Having your own domain name allows you to build more authority, and it will be recognized more quickly as a full-fledged website. A subdomain, as the name suggests, is not a dominant position.

So having your own domain name is not only nice for your business card, but it also provides more recognition for your overall brand. Or an identity you are trying to build. With your own website and domain name, you'll be better prepared for what's to come, and it's also much easier to expand your website as it grows. With an SSD hosting package , for example, you already have 25 GB available by default, which should last you a long time.

More options and freedom of choice in technology and underlying ideas.

With your own website and domain name, more is possible, and you are much freer to do so, you can also choose how you design the website. Whether you want to do this with WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco and so on. You are still free to install them yourself. Having your own website and domain name also gives you the freedom to decide where to host it. Even if you want to change the web host, this is easily possible with a website backup and a move code.

Besides the website and domain name, you also have unlimited email addresses that you can use to send your own email addresses. And you can customize these addresses to your own liking.

Choosing your own domain name

The domain name itself is also completely up to you, although there are of course a number of fixed rules for domain name registration. The only other requirement is that the domain name is still available. You can easily check this using the domain name configurator, which you can find on almost every page of our website.

An owned domain name is still registered to name and address and therefore always belongs to you. You as the owner are the decision maker. This gives you more freedom than with a subdomain, where you are always dependent on the company behind it.

Start your own website with your own domain name now! For a low price that is no more than a week's purchase, you can have your domain name and hosting package for a whole year.