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Craft CMS hosting

Craft CMS hosting

Craft CMS hosting

Craft CMS hosting

With the latest awards for the different Content Management Systems, Craft CMS has come out as the best for small or medium sized businesses. This is a CMS that is particularly suitable for content creators and web designers. It locks the different users into their own environment. So you have an account for your content designers and an account for the web designers who can let their imagination loose on the different templates for your hosting.

Craft CMS is a bit different than for example WordPress hosting or Joomla. You do not work with themes or many plug-ins, but with 1 CMS for the content of the website and the design is done via Twig templates. This way you can set up and finish the background or backend without having to change anything on the frontend or appearance. After you have the background ready, as a designer you can use the Twig template engine to quickly design and create the website with minimal work. Also, with powerful APIs, you can quickly modify your dashboard from the admin environment with a few lines of code.

Using Craft CMS

Craft CMS is open source and can be used freely by anyone. However, if you want multiple accounts or have multiple features available then it is advisable to look at a license. This is not related to MijnHostingPartner.nl and will have to be purchased from Craft CMS itself. The different licenses will soon be on the pretty pricey side for the starter. But if you compare this with other options it is not that bad.

Installing Craft CMS

When you want to install Craft CMS hosting you can of course do this at MijnHostingPartner.nl, with our SSD packages we have the best environment for your Craft CMS website. With the SSD disks you don't have to worry about moving parts which makes sure your files can be loaded very fast.

How can you install Craft CMS?

You can do this with our manual in the following way: Installing Craft CMS

When you have installed Craft CMS you can also change the SMTP settings in the following way: Setting up Craft CMS SMTP