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Content marketing for a website

Content marketing for a website

Content marketing for a website

Content marketing for a website is an important part of starting and maintaining a website. This is because without content on a website, you will not get the results you expect from a website. Content can be the key to the success of your website. Let's cover how this works in this blog post.

A website stands or falls with its content. Content is a broad term to describe mainly text for a website, video and other media used to convert a potential visitor into a paying customer. Texts on your website are therefore there to convince, inform and encourage action. The same applies to all other content. Especially on a business website for your company, the goal is of course to see conversions from it.

Content on main pages and secondary pages on your website

Content marketing on main pages and secondary pages on your website are seen as the foundation of your website. There should be a comprehensive and persuasive home page text that customers can actually use. Filler content or content that does not add much should often be avoided on the main pages.

A second example is to add sufficient content on various product or service pages, so your products or services rank better in search engines like Google, DuckDuckGO or Bing. What is sufficient content? This is of course the question, for each service or service this can be seen slightly differently. But often this is certainly more than 1000 words on a main or secondary page.

The pages that fall under this are often also the pages that are advertised on social media and within various advertising channels. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this and to ensure that the content on these pages is in order, and also invites to purchase the services or products.

Content marketing in blog posts

Blog posts are also an important part of content marketing. With blog posts you can draw attention to your services or products. Or share useful tips that your visitors will read and convince them to apply. Blog posts are therefore a valuable asset to almost any company, and can be used to market your content on social media channels and to achieve higher rankings in search engines. In fact, with blog posts you can also target the more longer keywords that are often easier to reach.

Social media is often a visual medium, so it is important to create your own media in addition to standard stock photos. This challenges more to a click or an action that is appropriate on that social media channel. And in most cases performs better than a piece of text.

Content marketing on social media and other channels

Content marketing with Social Media is a separate art in itself, and is often also a valuable asset to promote your content on social media. A popular post can draw thousands of eyes to your business or blog. Therefore it is important to find out where your target audience is. And that you also adapt your content to this. Is this in the older target group on Facebook? Or are your potential customers more on "younger" platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest? Your job to find out and to delve into this. So you can get the most out of it and don't waste effort on sources that may not be applicable.

Content marketing and promotion

Content marketing and promotion go hand in hand. To see more direct results you can choose to advertise. With a hosting package from MijnHostingPartner.nl you already have a great start with Google Adwords. Where you get a free advertising credit with your package. So you can quickly and easily start advertising on the Internet. However, do this only when you actually have something on your website. Make sure you have a good home, product or services page. Where visitors who have clicked on your advertisement actually land on an informative and convincing page.

You can also use other channels to advertise besides Google Ads, Social Media channels can all be used to promote a post or product. On Social Media you can also often further identify your target audience with their interests. And thus target the people who are actually your target group.

What actions are you already taking to promote your content and get the most out of it? We would love to hear from you in our online chat or by sending us an email.