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Start a blog with your own domain name

Start a blog with your own domain name

Start a blog with your own domain name

It is the dream of many people to start a blog to share their thoughts, motivations or hobbies. With many websites you can of course get started with this. But there are a number of tools you can use to start your blog easily and quickly. Let's take a look at how you can do this and how you can use the right domain name for your blog now!

Having your own blog can inspire you to start a career as a writer, can convince or inform your readers about a hobby or vision in which you are motivated. Or, of course, be set up for a myriad of other reasons. Many bloggers do not start out with the idea of getting rich from it. Of course, you may be able to make a little money from it. Let's discuss further how this can be done with your own blog.

Starting a blog

To start a blog you will need a number of things. The most important thing is that you have a place to host your blog. A hosting package, and a place on the internet where it can run. This is also called a domain name or your address on the internet. More on these choices later. With a hosting package you can already go for an SSD hosting package, where you can host your blog, domain name and email for a whole year for less than a week's shopping.

Or you can choose a specialized package where we as a hoster can take care of a lot for you. This of course has a different price tag which may be a bit too high for a starter blog. Of course, this is still one of the keenest prices on the market, as you can expect from MijnHostingPartner.nl.

Most people actually start a blog with the WordPress software, this is a complete package that can be used at no extra cost to start your website and start a blog. With a few steps you have your website live, and with a little reading in our knowledge base, or on different sources, you can get started with your website.

Choosing a domain name for your blog website

A domain name can be easily chosen in our configurator, and is just a click away. It is important to find a suitable domain name for your website. Keep it personal by using your own name, for example. Or use a unique name that best describes your blog. This can of course be a difficult task, and as a hosting partner we are happy to give you some advice on this. Come with your suggestions to our chat and we will point you to the best choice for your blog website.

Right now, there is a promotion on all .blog domain names and you can register your .blog domain name at an even better price! Of course, .blog is the choice for your next blog website and you can use it to express your hobbies and passions.

Keeping your blog safe and updated

To keep your blog safe, you will need to install regular updates and make sure that any problems are resolved quickly. In WordPress it is easy to do this quickly and easily by installing the updates through the administrator environment. It is just important that you keep an eye on a backup in the background before performing such backups. Do this by using the control panel to initiate this. Read how to do this easily in our knowledge base as always.

Work on your blog and publish blog posts regularly

With a blog it is important that you regularly publish new blog posts. You do this by, of course, enthusiastically writing and publishing about your topics. It is useful to put this in the agenda for yourself to quickly update with lots of content. And to take advantage of this. The blogs that are successful are filled with a lot of content in general.

Making money with a blog can be done in a number of different ways, the first most used is offering ads on your blog. You can do this, for example, by joining Google AdSense. This can be done with a low barrier in terms of visitors and content. It is advisable, however, to have about ten posts live for this. Furthermore, you can also make use of affiliate links by recommending other products and thus earning a small kickback with each purchase.

Start your blog now together with MijnHostingPartner.nl!