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Installing applications with the Web App gallery

Installing applications with the Web App gallery

Installing applications with the Web App gallery

There are a large number of Applications that you can install in the hosting space using the Web App Gallery at MijnHostingPartner.nl. In this blog post we will give you an overview of them and how to work with them.

The Web App Gallery was created to make it easy to install Applications in the hosting space. Applications is of course a broad term we use for this, this is because the range of Applications that can be installed via the Web App Gallery is also diverse. The most popular applications to install include Content Management Systems. These are pieces of software that make it easy to maintain a website with your hosting. And often do so without having to code. There are also a number of other types of applications that can be installed. We'll cover those briefly in this blog post as well.

The most popular Content Management Systems installed within a few clicks

The web app gallery mainly makes it easier to install an application. Where else an application first needs to be manually downloaded from the official site, then uploaded to the hosting space. And then installed. With the Web app gallery you can easily create not only the application, but also a database user and database. So you skip quite a few steps during the installation.

Content Management Systems have been the way to go for a long time, not only to create a website but also to maintain it. You do not need any programming knowledge to simply update your contact page. For example with changes in the opening hours of your company. Also, most Content Management Systems can easily change the look of the website with various themes. This provides a fresh new look to a page that, for example, has not yet been made suitable for Mobile devices.

For most installations you only need to select a hosting space or domain name where the application will be installed. After that you need to enter some information like the new database name and user. The rest is done by the Web App Gallery.

Most popular Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are thus the way for most websites. Easy to install and maintain, makes this a solid choice for a lot of clients. The most popular Content Management Systems that can be installed in web hosting include:


WordPress is used to create a large portion of the websites that are made on the Internet. Therefore, it is also one of the most popular Content Management Systems. WordPress websites are easy to create and thanks to the web app gallery it is made even easier for you. Simply install WordPress with a few clicks and get started with your blog or company website right away! Also check out our Managed WordPress hosting if you want to outsource the technical side to us.


Umbraco is one of the most popular Content Management Systems based in older versions on the ASP.NET Framework and in current versions on .NET Core. So if you are interested in this then we recommend one of the .NET Core packages. This will ensure an unprecedentedly fast Umbraco website. Umbraco is easy to use for managing Content. Some steps like changing Themes and such are more technical than with WordPress. Umbraco is very popular with companies that fall under the medium to large business category. The technical side is then often taken up by the IT team or an external website builder. And the content can then be edited by anyone in the company with access. Without the risk of human errors that could bring the website down.

Installing Umbraco is also easy via the Web App Gallery. Just make sure that the MS SQL database is created correctly and that you do not use the SQL CE database. This database has limits on memory and is generally slower.


Drupal is a Content Management System that is often used by companies and larger websites. Based on PHP and easy to install, this Content Management System can also easily be used to create your website.


Joomla is still often popular for websites for associations and organizations. With an extensive account system with different rights it is easy to apply various roles per user. More than what you have for example options in WordPress. Of course, with associations and organizations you often have to deal with the coming and going of staff. New members join, et cetera. Therefore Joomla is often the choice for these websites! And of course easy to install with the Web App Gallery through the control panel.

But there are also a number of Content Management Systems available that are specifically made for webshops. These include for example:


OpenCart is based on PHP and of course also hostable at MijnHostingPartner.nl. With its many features and easy installation it is also a popular way to start a webshop for your products. Whether these are digital products or physical ones.


NopCommerce is a Webshop Content Management System based on .NET Core and also best used with a .NET Core package. This system also allows you to create fast websites that are extremely suitable for offering your products. With an advanced back end and inventory system it is easy to create a webshop. Suitable for enterprise and business purposes this is a solid and reliable platform for small and large companies.

How to use the Web App gallery for installing Applications

Using the Web App gallery varies from application to application. Basically, it comes down to using the control panel -> Web App Gallery to access it directly. Just keep in mind that installing a new application will delete the existing website files. So you can also first test on a subdomain or make a local backup of existing files.

Want to know how this works for a particular application? Then take a look in our knowledge base. For many Content Management Systems and applications we already have a step by step manual that guides you through the process using screenshots for the application.

Still have questions or not sure which technology to use for a website? You can always talk to one of our enthusiastic colleagues on the online chat. We can then look together what the best choice is for your website.