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WordPress hosting your CMS

WordPress hosting your CMS

WordPress hosting your CMS

WordPress hosting

Creating your own website is easier than it sounds thanks to using a CMS. The most widely used CMS is WordPress, this has become so popular that a large portion of the websites on the internet run on WordPress!One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is very simple, it is just easy to use.This is already the first advantage of WordPress hosting, it is easy to use and installed so you can start right away!Another advantage is that there are many plugins for it, so you can easily get your website working the way you want!Because it is so popular, you also have a lot of community supporth.What this means is that you can ask other WordPress users with the same error or plugin for help.One disadvantage of WordPress is the maintenance, If you have many plugins you will be familiar with this.This means that there are many updates to WordPress and the plugins you use.

Open Source

WordPress is open source, this means that the cms is completely free!So of course this is great if you are a developer, you can develop your own plugin.A disadvantage is that malicious people can also use it.So always keep your WordPress website up to date to keep your website as safe as possible.Because it is open source there are many beautiful themes available for your website!

SSD Hosting

For WordPress an SSD package is highly recommended.Some WordPress websites use a very heavy theme and lots of plugins.Therefore we at MijnHostingPartner.nl recommend to purchase an SSD package for optimal speed of your WordPress hosting!


In terms of design you can let yourself go at theMijnHostingPartner.nlhosting. Whether you work with the Content ManagementSystem WordPress or create your own website. You have the freedom to apply your own themes and colors. This way you can make sure that your website is and stays unique.