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Voice Search Google Voice Search

Voice Search Google Voice Search

Voice Search Google Voice Search

As a search engine, Google obviously pays close attention to the way people search, but only a small percentage of commands given through a mobile phone use voice search. Let's take a look at Google Voice Search. Google Voice Search.

Google has an incredibly large user base and is the number one search engine almost everywhere. This gives them the opportunity to experiment and do market research from which you can learn a lot. Google search using your voice was a big deal in 2016 and interesting to many. There was a lot written and tweaked about it. But 5 years later, is it now a big part of the searches performed? That leaves something to be desired, as the numbers show that voice search is no more popular than simply typing in search terms on the keyboard. Google modeled voice search on the Star Trek movies and naturally thought everyone would use the feature regularly.

How does Google voice search work?

Everyone will already be familiar with Google Search, Google Voice Search works the same way. However, there is a lot more going on in the background to recognise and interpret your search query. For a query such as when a particular holiday is, this is probably easier than if you are looking for a solution to a particular PHP error. The intelligent algorithms and other technologies Google uses to do this are much more far-reaching than normal searches. And they are more personal per function. One point that puts users off. Once you use an Android phone and don't change any other settings, you give Google permission to listen to you in the background. Even if you don't have Google Assistant open.

Why is it less popular than a normal search with typed terms?

Of course, it is up to you what you think of these practices, but in my opinion, it is not always desirable that the search for a new washing machine is now completely controlled by my voice. From a purely practical point of view, it's not always desirable to speak for a simple search either. If you search in a crowded train in a loud voice, you'll often get some funny looks. At least, that's my experience. Use your keyboard, whether it's a physical keyboard or a keyboard on your touchscreen. This is the option used by the majority of users.

The future of dealing with search engines like Google

The fact that voice search is not the future so far, as perhaps expected, has now been discussed on the Search off the record podcast with John Mueller and Martin Splitt. In this podcast, as the name suggests, the discussion is off the record. But it is discussed that voice search is not or will not be as expected. See the quotes below:

John Mueller asked,
"What about voice search? Will SEOs have to optimize for voice search?"

Martin Splitt replied,
"Oh god, the future that will never be. I think no, because if we learn anything..."

If you would like to listen to the full podcast, you can do so through your preferred medium. Podcasts are often an informal and entertaining way to stay up to date on the latest news for website development, SEO, and general internet marketing. Whether you're on the go or have it open in the background during your daily activities.

What exactly will change about physically entering a search query, or if it will change at all, only the future will tell. The only thing we can do as webmasters and developers is to keep up to date with the latest developments and rules. So that visitors can find our content in the best possible way. Choose a super fast and stable platform for your website and choose a hosting package from MijnHostingPartner.nl. Your partner for web hosting. For less than a week of shopping you already host your website for a year.