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Using Google Sites for your website

Using Google Sites for your website

Using Google Sites for your website

There are many ways to create a website, and for many small businesses or use cases, you don't have to make it difficult for yourself. And for just the cost of a domain name, you can have a simple website that briefly explains your business or project and invites visitors to get in touch with you. In this blog post, we'll take a look at Google's website builder and how you can use it with just a domain name or even your own email package to get lots of features for your business.

What is a Google Site suitable for?

Websites created with Google Sites are particularly suitable for small businesses where a website is not the main service. Think, for example, of a simple portfolio website for a photographer or artist. And websites that mainly serve as online business cards. The purpose of such websites is simply to get a potential customer to contact you, after which the sales process begins. Think of hairdressers or beauty salons, for example, where customers contact you to make an appointment.

So there are many professions and businesses for which this can be a godsend, especially if you don't have a large budget for creating and hosting a website. With MijnHostingPartner.nl's hosting packages, there are two packages where this is most likely to be the case. If you only have a domain package with your domain registration. And if you have an e-mail package with a domain name. This way you can have an online presence for a low annual cost and, with a small surcharge, even have your own e-mail address. Are you still unsure about your choice? Then contact us via the online chat.

We will be happy to help you make the right choice for your company. If you want more functionality and control, you can also choose not to create the website with Google Sites, but to use a content management system such as WordPress. This also allows you to easily put together your website. However, this involves more technical steps and maintenance work than if you use Google Sites.

Get started with Google Sites

Google Sites is easy to use and with a little practice, anyone can get to grips with it. It works in a similar way to many other website builders and can be used in a visual way. Simply click on what you want to edit and use the menu to add images, videos and other elements, for example. Google Sites also has an introduction for you that explains how to work with it.

Once you have created your website, you can publish it and link your own domain name, which you have purchased from MijnHostingPartner.nl, to it. You can do this by following the steps indicated in this process. See also the steps below that you can use for this.

Using Google Sites for your website

Link Google site via DNS

Linking the Google site to your domain name at MijnHostingPartner.nl involves a few steps that you need to perform with some waiting time in between. So take your time and read the steps carefully.

In short, the following steps need to be performed Link the domain name to Google Search Console Apply for an SSL certificate for your domain name Link the domain name within Google Sites and add the CNAME record in the DNS, edit the existing DNS records Redirect the non www domain to www with a 301 redirect. The website is then fully accessible and can be found via all URLs. If you do not carry out these steps, there is a risk that your domain name can only be found via the exact URL. This can lead to accessibility problems in certain browsers or incorrect entries, and you can findthe complete roadmap in our Knowledge Base.

Advantages of using MijnHostingPartner.nl in combination with Google Sites

If you use the services of MijnHostingPartner.nl in combination with Google Sites, you have the advantage of getting your domain name and e-mail services at a lower price. In addition, you register via a Dutch party, so you are also subject to Dutch legislation.

In addition, you can easily contact us in Dutch, English or German during Dutch office hours. If you also opt for an email hosting package in this scenario, your email data will also remain on Dutch soil in our data centers in Amsterdam and Utrecht. And you have full control over your emails with the option to create an unlimited number of email addresses.

So you can set up an email address not only for yourself, but also for your entire team. Google Sites can be a good alternative for people who are already using the Wix and Jimdo site builders, because with Google Sites you can get started more cheaply without having to pay the often expensive subscription fees of Wix and Jimdo. Would you also like to use Google Sites for your company website or your personal project? Order your domain name and email package now and get started right away! Even if you already have an existing Google Site, you can simply link it to us and make it available via your own domain name.

Using Google Sites for your website