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Transferring the management of the website to another party

Transferring the management of the website to another party

Transferring the management of the website to another party

As a hoster, we regularly experience that a website or even even the entire hosting package is taken over by another person or organization. Especially in the case of sports or hobby clubs, it happens more often more common that the person behind it changes. It can sometimes be quite a challenge for to find your way around, but with a little effort you can make this transition much easier. Let's take a look at what this all that's involved!

Handing over the management of a website can be an exciting situation, so make it as easy as possible for the new partner to get started. The fewer questions and requests you have, the easier it will be to get started. You then simply hand everything over knowing that you've done your best to make it happen.

Website management

In most cases, your website will be managed with a content management system, such as WordPress, Umbraco or Joomla, which requires an administrator account and password. This administrator account can be in your name. It is advisable to create an additional or second administrator account for the new administrator. And then deactivate or delete your account completely.

If you did not use a content management system to create the website, it is usually sufficient to provide the new administrator with an FTP account. With some database access if necessary. It is recommended that you change these passwords as soon as the transfer is made.

Mail accounts

Email accounts can contain a lot of private information, so it is often a question of whether you want to let another administrator take over. Look at your mail address and mail traffic and decide if this is the case. A personal mail address like frank@mijndemopartner.nl often doesn't make sense to be taken over by a new administrator. But a info@mijndemopartner.nl may be more important in this case. If you now only want to transfer your mail address, but not its content, you can first delete the mail address completely and create a new one. With a new password this can then be passed on to the new party.

The new party may also choose to continue to receive and manage your personal email address. In this case, it is easiest to set up a forwarding to an email address that is actively managed.

New passwords for any email account are very important, and we recommend using the generator option to create them. Then you won't have any personal passwords here.

The domain name itself

The domain name itself can also be in your name. It is important that you exclude yourself as the person responsible for the domain name. You can do this by checking the domain name owner details in the customer panel and, if it is you, informing us via a ticket to the administration. We will then add the new person here as the new registrant. This will incur costs.

These costs and future costs will of course be incurred by the new party, so you don't have to worry about that anymore. A sub-account can be set up for our customer panel, which you can pass on to the new party. Or a complete internal move to a new customer panel can be done. Again, simply create a ticket to administration.

External sources such as Google Analytics.

You can also use external parties and sources to manage your website. Think Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or a payment partner like Mollie, for example. If you do this through a personal account, it's important to separate it and hand it over to the new partner. So take a quick inventory of all the external tools you use and go through them to make sure you're not the one responsible.

Create a PDF file with all the links and data.

As you can see, there is a lot involved in transferring a website. Therefore, create a document for yourself and the new party where you store all this data. A PDF file is easy to create and cannot be edited, so it is often better to transfer it this way. The new party then has all the information and can use this document to take over the management themselves.

Have you ever transferred a website to another party? Do the steps in this blog post sound familiar? Let us know on social media!