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The website as a business card

The website as a business card

The website as a business card

As a self-employed person or business, a website can serve as a business card, but with a website as a business card, you have access to a worldwide audience. And is always on the web for you. In this blog post, we'll look at the benefits of having a website as a business card and what it can do.

The website is always on the job for you

A website ensures that your customers can always find you. Once you have completed your website and published it under a domain name, it is online 99.99% of the time because we have a high uptime. This ensures that clients who, for example, want to find out about your latest projects, learn more about how you work, or get in touch with you, can always visit your website. And in doing so, they can find you more easily through channels such as the Google search network or the advertising network.

So with a website, you always have a passive way to attract new projects. Of course, you still have to put in some effort, but once you have the website up and running, you can ensure that you are passively provided with new leads and potential customers. Something you can't achieve with many other methods.

Collecting leads

Gathering leads is one of a website's greatest strengths; a user-friendly method can ensure that potential customers can find the information they need. And then be able to contact them directly or request a quote, for example. Quick contact is often desired and can also be solved, for example, with a modern, low-threshold method such as Whatsapp or chat. In this way, a quick answer can also be given for quick questions. And the inhibition threshold that many people feel when filling out a contact form or calling falls away.

List your best projects and reviews in a prominent place

To make your website your business card, it's also important to showcase your latest projects, so create a nice slider on the website that shows off your latest projects. This is best done with images and a short text from a satisfied client. This way you can exude confidence and make sure future clients know what to expect from you.

With most website creation methods, you can easily accommodate all of these components on your website. With the WordPress content management system, for example, you can easily add all these components to your website without having to do any programming. Thus, it is possible for anyone to get started with it.

Clear presentation of contact options on a website

The ways in which a potential customer can get in touch with you must be clearly stated on a website. So make sure that the most common contact options are prominently displayed, and often in multiple places. The footer or the bottom of your website is a common place for this, but it can also be a separate page. For example, the email address of one's domain name can be listed here, the phone number, or an online chat feature, for example. In addition, social media channels are also a commonly used method to get in touch with a company. For example, you can also receive contact requests through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media.

Promote your website and, in turn, your knowledge and services.

So, a website can act as a business card and portfolio to attract potential customers. How to promote your website, we have covered in detail in the previous blog post, through which channels all this can be done. And we recommend making the necessary investments for this as well. That way, you'll get the most out of your website.

However, your website doesn't just have to act as a business card, it can also be enhanced with various components. For example, you can create a complete web store or even start a blog. Moreover, a website is a blank canvas that you can design yourself. Create the right foundation and get your hosting package from MijnHostingPartner.nl now to get started right away!