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The freedom of control Choose your own hosted email

The freedom of control Choose your own hosted email

The freedom of control Choose your own hosted email

Communication takes place in many ways, with Whatsapp being used massively by everyone in Western Europe. Calls, chats, texts and so on can be made. One veteran that stands out among all these options is still email. Email is still the cornerstone of professional and personal interaction. But instead of relying on the standard and free email services offered by large providers such as Tele2, Google or Microsoft, it's time to take back control and opt for your own hosted email solution. And why? Because it gives you freedom, flexibility and control over your digital communications in a way that was previously unthinkable.

The freedom to use your own domain

One of the biggest advantages of hosting your own email is the ability to use your own domain. Instead of relying on generic email addresses like gebruikersnaam@provider.com, you can create email addresses tailored to your needs, such as contact@jouwbedrijf.com or voornaam@achternaam.com. This not only gives you a professional look, but also allows you to strengthen your brand and define your identity online.

Even if you can only use the email address for private purposes, you have the advantage that it can be your own domain name, e.g. you can register a name that has meaning to you or simply base it on your avatar or username that you use frequently. This freedom is entirely up to you. The only important thing is that the domain name is still available. You can test this right away by entering the domain name in your order. You will then see immediately whether it is still available or whether you will be asked for a transfer code. If a transfer code is requested, the domain name is no longer available.

The domain name extension is also up to you, .nl is the logical candidate if you want to register a domain name in the Netherlands.

Control over your data and privacy

With self-hosted email, you have full control over your data and your privacy. Instead of hosting your emails on the servers of an external provider, which may be located in America or China, your messages are hosted on a server that is simply located in Utrecht and Amsterdam. This gives you a higher standard of privacy, and if anything is free, you are the product. With your own domain name and e-mail hosting, you have the services at a low annual price, without your data being sold to third parties or provided with advertising.

In addition, you are no longer at the mercy of the whims and wishes of any party as to whether your e-mail address still works and exists at all; e-mail addresses hosted by Tele2, for example, are no longer active as of this month, and the data from these addresses will eventually be deleted. As long as the annual invoice for your services at MijnHostingPartner.nl is paid, your e-mail will continue to run. An alternative to Tele2 mail!

Flexibility for your needs

With self-hosted email, you have the flexibility to customize your email environment to your specific needs. Whether you want to add additional layers of security, set up custom filters or implement integrations with other tools and services, the possibilities are endless. You are not bound by the restrictions and conditions of an external provider, giving you the freedom to customize your email environment as you wish. In addition, you can set up the e-mail address virtually anywhere you need it, e.g. in a local mail program or on your phone.

Mail addresses at MijnHostingPartner.nl are also automatically equipped with extra security features at DNS level, things like DKIM and DMARC are automatically activated when your mail addresses are created. This ensures that your email is more secure.

Better reliability and availability

Another benefit of self-hosted email is that it is more available than many other solutions, so you can always access your email. You can also set up the email address as you wish on any device and in your preferred application. For example, in Thunderbird, Outlook or EM Client.

Switching from Tele2, Gmail or Microsoft is now easier than ever, as you can import your existing mailbox to the servers of MijnHostingPartner.nl. With a simple tool, you can even take your entire folder structure and messages with you! With just a few clicks of a button. You can find out exactly how this works in our knowledge base.

The freedom of control that self-hosted email offers is second to none. When you choose self-hosted email, you have the ability to personalize your email experience, protect your data and privacy, and improve the reliability of your communications. So what are you waiting for? Take back control and choose self-hosted email to make your digital communications more flexible, secure and reliable.