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The domain name market in 2022 - figures from SIDN

The domain name market in 2022 - figures from SIDN

The domain name market in 2022 - figures from SIDN

SIDN, the administrator of all .nl domains, explains in its latest blog how the market is developing and what happened in it. During the Corona pandemic, the market grew and more .nl domains were added. Are these domains still in use? And how else is the market behaving? We explain in more detail in this blog post. Read on quickly!

During the Corona era, many businesses were forced to move forward online than they might have before. Faced with the closures, many had no choice but to quickly set up a website and offer more online. In 2020 and 2021, more domain names will be registered than regular, resulting in a 5% market growth and an increase from 9.5 million .nl domain names to 10.5 million domains. This gave many companies the opportunity to bridge this period of closure and uncertainty by offering their services online. Or at least the possibility to continue their services on a limited scale. But what happened to the domains registered during this time? In this blog post, we'll go into that.

Will domains be retained after Covid?

Of course, this cannot be determined for each individual party, but the numbers suggest that the percentage of .nl domains cancelled is not increasing compared to previous years. The cancellation rate was 1.2% before the introduction of COVID and is now 1.05%. This indicates that most of the newly registered .nl domains are thus continued and expanded. So the percentage of deletions of .nl domains is actually slightly decreasing. Dutch domain names also have an advantage, as the prices for .com domains have increased more. This has also been noticed at MijnHostingPartner.nl.

.nl domain names still popular

The .nl domain name continues to be a strong player in the market, mainly known in the Netherlands, of course, due to its popularity and reliability. But having been one of the first nationwide top-level domains, it is also known worldwide. English, American and other multinational companies that also do business in the Netherlands are often also interested in registering a Dutch .nl domain name.

While 67% of entrepreneurs preferred a .nl domain name in mid-2020, this figure is already 70% in mid-2022. In 2022, 27.20% would still be interested in registering a second or additional .nl domain name for their business. All in all, this is positive news for the popularity of the .nl domain name.

Want to launch your .nl domain name too?

If you have already registered a .nl domain name, the next step is to set up a website for it. A website can be made for anything, be it your business, adventure blog, freelance portfolio or simply your association. Websites grow your audience and make you accessible anywhere, anytime. Both with direct purchases through your website and clicks on ads, you can make money even if you are already asleep. So websites can be a valuable asset for anyone who wants to start something. Even in 2023!

With a cost-effective hosting package from MijnHostingPartner.nl, you can host your website both ways. Whether you want to get into .NET programming yourself or use a content management system like WordPress, Joomla or Umbraco. When you choose to host with MijnHostingPartner.nl, you'll be able to use the latest technology and be free in your choices. For example, among all packages we have MySQL 5, MySQL 8 and MariaDB databases available by default. And with .NET hosting MSSQL databases. Using the handy installer in the customer panel, you have WordPress installed with the click of a button. A long list of systems can be added and self-installed via FTP.

Many domain name registrations remain, but just registering the domain name doesn't give you any benefits. With a website, you set up a history for the domain name. And you can achieve more. Both for your business and for the value of the domain name itself. For those who do not yet want to take the step of having their own website under the domain name, we also offer a mail package. You can then set up email addresses under your own domain name and use them anywhere. Whether through the browser with webmail, your favorite mail application on your phone. Or in Outlook on your laptop.

Whatever you do with your .nl domain name, register it now at an attractive special price for the first year at MijnHostingPartner.nl! And start your first step on the Dutch domain name market.