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Technical questions and terms in the field of hosting and web design

Technical questions and terms in the field of hosting and web design

Technical questions and terms in the field of hosting and web design

In this blog post, we'll go back to basics for a moment and describe how you, as a beginner, can quickly get to grips with the various terms and concepts used every day in web hosting and web design. Let's start with our list of things you can master quickly!

As a budding webmaster or person managing a website, you may have to deal with many different types of branches to dive into. This can be challenging at first, but with the right foundation, it can also be an easy process. Don't try to learn and understand everything in 1 day. But tackle it on a weekly basis. For example, dedicate one week to the basics of web design with a CMS, one week to writing for a website, and one week to social media marketing, for example. Let's start with the concepts I just mentioned!

CMS - the foundation of (most) websites

A CMS, or content management system, makes it possible for almost anyone to create a website. In it, many things for creating a website are already processed. It is no longer necessary to dive into code for every little thing. An article or page can be easily written and published in a visual way. And it's easy to choose a theme to change the entire layout and design of a website. A content management system allows people without this background to start and maintain a website.

One content management system that can be considered the most popular is the WordPress content management system. It is by far the most widely used way to create a website. It also ensures that your website is easy to maintain, and if you run into any problems, you can quickly find a solution. More users always mean more information available on the internet. This varies from our own knowledge base, sources that can be found on YouTube and many other websites.

WordPress hosting is now also made much easier for you by offering our Managed WordPress hosting packages, here we take care of all the technical issues. By performing updates, an automatic backup process and increased uptime with your own environment on the server.

Databases, MySQL, MS SQL and MariaDB

Databases are fundamental to a website, with a database all your settings, images, text and more are stored in one logical and efficient place for a website to use. This can make a website many times faster and for example store your customers information in a safe place.

At MijnHostingPartner.nl there are a number of different types of databases. Recently MariaDB has been added. Which can be seen as the successor of MySQL. These two databases are free for both commercial and personal use. As they are based on open source software. The code is free to view and can be edited by other developers. These databases are therefore also used by WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and can even be used for Umbraco hosting.

The last database option is from Microsoft, MS-SQL, and is mainly used for enterprise solutions and for complex applications built in ASP.NET and .NET Core. Since it is a closed source code that is not available to everyone, it is a software that cannot be used freely. There are also licensing fees for the use of this software. With our .NET Core packages, these license fees are included by default. With our other packages, such as the Total or SSD hosting package, it is an add-on that must be paid extra.

PHP, .NET Core or ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more

You will see these languages go by quickly when building a website. These are the code languages that a website is or will be written with. And determine a number of main themes. At MijnHostingPartner.nl we support all these languages and even different versions of them, which can be easily selected in the customer panel. If you create a website in a content management system, you do not have to study this yourself, but it is still advisable to have a basic understanding of it. So you have an idea of how a website works and what goes on in the background to display a button on a website, for example.

If you want to learn more about this, you can check out our knowledge base and also take a look at our blog posts where we go into more detail. To get a better understanding of what is involved in hosting a website.

The three key terms

These three core terms form the basis of any website, but there are many other terms and concepts that will become clearer over time. It is often advisable to start simple and figure it out as you go. For example, after your website is up and running, you can research the basics of internet marketing and figure out how to attract traffic to your website. SEO, or search engine optimization, simply put, getting higher in Google's search results. And maintaining a website for the long haul.

We hope that you too will take the plunge, at MijnHostingPartner.nl you can do so for a fixed, low and annual price! So for less than a week's shopping you already have an SSD package with domain names. A website is available for everyone.