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Local advertising for your website

Local advertising for your website

Local advertising for your website

Once you have your website set up with content, and the core functionality in place, then you will likely be looking for your first visitors. Website visitors can come from many places. Local visitors are of course ideal if your business or website is also meant for the local audience. Here are some tips on how to attract local visitors to your website.

Website visitors are always in demand with website builders. With so many sources on which to reach them, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Especially for local audiences for a local store, for example, it can be difficult to determine where to put the effort. There are a number of different ways to advertise in local markets. Let's cover them in more detail below.

Old fashioned flyering and advertising

Old-fashioned advertising are ways that have been around for a long time, from the sign above the café, to an ad in the newspaper. There are many ways here that have been used for hundreds of years to advertise locally. Does this still make sense in this day and age? That will also depend heavily on what products or services you offer on your website. A plumber will probably receive quite a few phone calls from a local ad in the newspaper or on other traditional media. But a software company probably won't reach the right audience. So you have to think about what is being sold and which target group is actually still being presented with such media. The younger generations will often no longer be able to be reached with an advertisement on TV for your website. Now that a large part of these generations only uses streaming services.

An interesting offshoot that has come from radio and yet is extremely popular among the younger generations are podcasts. On demand long format interviews, disuccies and much more. As a part of the millennials myself, I am seeing this more and more among peers. While cooking, driving or doing other activities there are more podcasts on than ever. Of course this can also be advertised, only then the trick is to find a local podcast that can appeal to this market.

Then of course you have the roadside ads and other forms of this. A billboard with a local ad can easily appeal to the target group you want to reach.

How you track the results of such ad campaigns, however, are not as trackable as the later options in this article. Of course you can keep track of when customers make purchases on your website, where they come from and how they interact with your website. On a separate landing page, for example.

Using Google ads locally

Of course Google is actually the market leader in this market as well, with a Google ad you can select by region where you want to advertise. The results can be tracked like nowhere else, with click frequency, interests and many more metrics. Advertising in Google can get you off to a great start with MijnHostingPartner.nl hosting, with free advertising credit. Can you just bridge that first start to reach your target audience.

Google ads can be shown within local searches, or through similar websites in the Display network. This gives you the opportunity to make the best use of an advertising budget for a razor-sharp target group.

Google ads are often the first stop for companies that want to advertise locally, and work with a large target group thanks to their high exposure. For this reason, it still remains the main focus for a large number of companies and industries.

Using social media to target the local audience

Social media can also be used to appeal to the local target group with your ads. Even without throwing money at the wall here, you can also use some local hashtags or local issues to probe for possible traffic. Like tagging the city name in posts or the county.

With advertising at Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you can also just select the region in which you want to advertise. Whether this is for your webshop, local store or business. Often such ads are much more visual than other forms. And it is often advisable to have a model or image designed by an external agency or web builder. If you do not have the skills for this yourself.

As always, no one way is often the only way to reach your goal. You can experiment with almost any advertising method to see where you can have the most success. Where advertising on social media and search engines often have the lowest barrier to success. With often little effort, ad campaigns can be set up. What works best for your product or service? Let us know!