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Track the statistics of your website

Track the statistics of your website

Track the statistics of your website

If you are using commercial hosting then it is important that you can track how many visitors you have on your website.You can track this in different ways such as using Google Analytics but also Matomo.In this blog post we will discuss both.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the best known of all these tools and displays the statistics in a clear and easy way.Google Analytics is mainly meant to give the owner or administrator of the website a clear and concise picture of where the users are spending the most time.With this information you can do quite a few things, you can try to adjust your website based on these statistics.

You can see different things with Google Analytics not only how many visitors you have but also specifically on which page you have had visitors.So you can easily see how many visitors you have and on what pages your visitors are and how long they are on your website on average.Google Analytics also shows the bounce rate, this means that you can see when visitors leave a page, it is normal that the percentage is between 40 and 60 percent.


Matomo used to be known as Piwik but last year it changed its name to Matomo.Matomo is an open source web statistics program which is easy to use and install.This is also the first difference with Google Analytics, you can install it yourself and you will not have to create a separate profile.

Because it is open source it means that you as a developer can develop your own plug-ins and extensions.Matomo also offers the possibility to display realtime visitors, so you can see exactly when a visitor comes to your website and when he leaves.You can also set goals with Matomo, so you can set a personal goal for the amount of visitors to your website.

Matomo is also better in terms of privacy, because you have more options for disabling cookies.You are not yet 100% compliant with privacy laws, but you are already a lot better on your way than when you use Google Analytics.If you still have questions about tracking statistics then you can always see if a chat is available.If no one is available you can always send a ticket to our helpdesk.