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Is it difficult to create a website by yourself?

Is it difficult to create a website by yourself?

Is it difficult to create a website by yourself?

This question is asked by many startups. As a web hosting company, we provide hosting or a home base for a wide range of websites. These are both self-created websites programmed from scratch, proprietary websites managed with a content management system, and websites created by website developers and external parties. In this blog post, we're going to look at the different options available to you to create your own website!

So, roughly speaking, there are a number of ways to create a website. With this selection, a little more explanation is needed for each part. In the following sections, you'll find all the information and steps you need to get started creating your own website right away.

Website builder

Website builders are one of the options that are often first discovered to create a website on your own. This is because they often use social media influencers and other promotional efforts to build their audience. Website builders are usually more expensive than a self-managed web hosting package because you are also asked to do more here. Things like updates and security are taken care of for you, and once you start building the website, this is also taken care of.

Website builders have another major drawback besides the often higher cost. And if you decide to switch or move, you can't take the website with you. This is because they are created as closed source, which means that the source code of a website cannot be freely taken with you. So, you are limited in your freedom and may also lose your work if you decide to go with another party.

A common solution is to use an email package on our end and then run the website through an external provider. This is often a cost-effective option to take advantage of both services.

Create websites yourself using a content management system like WordPress.

What was initially just a way to make blogging more accessible has evolved into a content management system that much of the internet is based on. With WordPress, it is possible for anyone who thinks it is difficult to create a website to work with it. Because a lot of things are already done, and you can edit your website in a visual way. So not with coding, but with a click of the mouse. With a WordPress website, you have access to thousands of free themes that determine the look of your website. With a click of the mouse, you can install them and then immediately customize them to your liking. For example, by including your logo and placing your texts.

As a popular system, WordPress is also saturated with manuals and step-by-step guides that you can consult for free, both in our own knowledge base we explain a lot of issues. But you can also find tutorial videos on YouTube and many other tutorials on the Internet. So with WordPress you are not alone, and you can always find the solution yourself. Or find someone who can fix it for you.

The foundation of a website, hosting and a domain name.

What your website definitely needs to be found is a domain name, because without a domain name, your website would only be accessible through an IP address or a cumbersome technical setting. With a domain name, you can simply type the name into the browser. Just like we have MijnHostingPartner.nl. Moreover, you can freely choose the domain name and customize it to your company name, last name or idea. And can be chosen by country of use.

Dutch services can be offered with a .nl domain. English services can be offered with .com or .co.uk. It is up to you how you want to organize it. Just make sure not to use foreign characters and if the domain name is still available. You can check this directly via our domain name configurator.

Most beginners opt for our Total SSD package, which gives you a cost-effective total package that gives you access to everything you need to create and maintain your website, but also allows you to have your own email.

Create your own website, the necessary steps

Creating your own website does involve a bit more work than outsourcing, but it's also a lot cheaper. We recommend setting things up so that you can recover more easily if something goes wrong. For example, you can create a backup job that fully backs up your website every week. And regularly checking for updates to your website's components.

Is it difficult to create a website by yourself? No, but you should set aside some time for it

So, it is possible for anyone to create a website, so the difficulty level depends on which way you choose to do it. But in any case, you should allow some time for it. After all, it often takes some time to come up with an appealing design for your website, and writing the copy, creating the media and other related work can also mean that you won't be done in an afternoon.

So take your time when creating your own website and read the available sources of information. You can always go further.

Did you create your website yourself? Or are you going to outsource it? Let us know!