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How do I promote my business?

How do I promote my business?

How do I promote my business?

Beginning businesses are probably familiar with promoting their own businesses. This can be quite difficult when you are just starting out as it can cost a lot of money.

It is interesting for companies to have their own website with hosting. As a company you can then be found online by your customers.

This is also an opportunity for your company to get new customers for your store. However, you then also have to advertise your business, but how do you do that exactly?

In this blog post we are going to cover some tips on how to promote your business in the best possible way.

Create blogs for your website

It is important that you regularly update your content on your own website, because this will help you rank higher in Google. The best way to do this is through blog posts, because with these you also place new content on your website.

Of course you should also take into account a number of things when blogging. One of those things is the processing of links in the articles, you can then link to your own page.

If you provide WordPress hosting services, for example, you can have them point to your service. You then make use of internal links, these are links on your website that point to your own page.

You can also use external links, with these you let another website point to your website. This is sometimes called backlinks, you can do this for example by placing a guest blog on a website.

Make use of social media

You can also promote your business through, for example, Twitter or Facebook. There are also some things you should not do, one of which is buying followers.

The reason you should not do this is because you often pay unnecessarily for this. You may get more followers because of it, but those followers will not read your posts at all.

If you have real followers they will see your posts and maybe even share them. Also, other people will notice this, if you have 5000 thousand followers but no one responds to your messages then this is striking.


Every company likes to see satisfied customers, because a satisfied customer often comes back. This kind of customers can also mean something for your own business, they can leave reviews.

Many people look at the reviews of companies before they buy something. If you have a lot of positive reactions, people are often more inclined to buy something.

People see that other customers are satisfied with your services or product. This can encourage people to make a purchase on your website.

Of course it can also be that you sometimes get a negative review, here too you need to learn to deal with. When someone has posted a negative review it is best to respond nicely.

You can also ask if the customer can contact you via email. This allows you to come to a solution together so the customer can be satisfied afterwards.

Regular customers

If you have customers who have been with you for more than, say, 5 years you can do something special for them. Think of a special discount for that customer.

This can leave a positive thought with the customer making it more likely that the customer will recommend your company. You can also ask the customer if they could be so kind as to leave a review.

If you have any questions about this, you can always see if one of our chat operators is present. If no one is present in the chat room, you can send a ticket to our helpdesk.