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How much storage do you need in a hosting package?

How much storage do you need in a hosting package?

How much storage do you need in a hosting package?

This is a question many new website makers ask themselves, because space comes into play when you have a website of multiple pages. In this case, you need space for all your email addresses, for your site's files, and for your database. Moreover, space in a package is also confused with traffic. Therefore, in this blog post, we will cover these aspects and components and summarize them all so that you can choose the best package!

At MijnHostingPartner.co.uk, the total space available, is not further subdivided

At MijnHostingPartner.co.uk, we have clearly stated how much total disk space is available with each package. With the most popular package, the Total SSD hosting package, you will have 25 gigabytes of total storage space available by default. Read on quickly to find out what and how this works.

Space for website files

When it comes to a website, how much space your website takes up depends a lot on the situation. There are websites that take up barely more than 1 MB of space, and there are websites that take up many gigabytes of data. The determining factor is often the media used on the website. If you upload and use many thousands of photos and videos on your website, this can take up a lot of space.

Large image formats often don't have the right amount of space on a website, and if a less-than-optimal mobile network is used, for example, this can cause significant delays in loading your website. Therefore, in almost all cases, it is recommended that you optimize your images for use on the web. This includes using the correct dimensions, which are often no larger than 900 pixels. But that depends on your preferred dimensions. Therefore, they are often much smaller than standard photos taken with an average camera or smartphone.

The standard website files that make a website possible are not the heaviest or largest in most cases; a standard WordPress installation, for example, requires only 70 MB of disk space.

So think carefully about what you want to use and how much you need. A website with lots of images can often still stay under 1 gigabyte as long as the images are compressed.

Space for e-mail addresses

Email address space will fill up faster than website files for most people. With all the newsletters being kept, a single email address can grow to be a large chunk of data over the years anyway. Most users have enough space for many years of emails with a 5 gigabyte email address. At MijnHostingPartner.nl, this is entirely up to you and can be easily configured via the customer panel and the control panel.

So with MijnHostingPartner.nl, the email is part of your total storage space, while many other providers charge a separate space per email. And also a maximum number of email addresses can be stored on it. This is otherwise unlimited with us.

Data traffic, what is it exactly?

Data traffic is independent of the amount of disk space used and is unlimited at MijnHostingPartner.nl and on a fair use basis for all our packages. Even with our cheapest packages, this means that the website, if optimized, can easily handle several thousand visitors per month. Once more than hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors is the case, we can always make an appropriate proposal for a VPS package. Which one is better equipped to handle this traffic? Shared hosting packages are indeed not the best solution for this task. MijnHostingPartner.nl grows with you where necessary.

Database space

Databases usually take up only a small part of the total space of the package. This is because databases store information in the form of text or characters. Therefore, they are usually quite limited in size. This component also simply uses the total size of your package. With the exception of MS SQL databases. This size is again listed separately under your package or product. Also, at MijnHostingPartner.nl you can use MariaDB, MySQL 5 and MySQL 8.

Exactly how much space do you use in your package? Calculate this easily

To check from time to time how much storage space you use in total in your hosting package , you can do this in two places. Using the File Manager in the Control Panel, you can activate the Calculate Disk Space function to calculate the entire contents of the disk space. After that, you can see how much space is used after a day. Also, as a domain administrator, you can see in the mail how much space your domain name consumes in total. If you add them up, you will get the used space for your domain name.

This way you can easily calculate what is being consumed. Would you also like to have that much space for your hosting package? Then buy a package of your choice at MijnHostingPartner.nl now!