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How do I put my website live?

How do I put my website live?

How do I put my website live?

You might know it, you have spent weeks creating your website but you have yet to put it online.Besides choosing the right hosting, it is also important to know how to get your website online.

You can use different methods for this, think of FTP, our file manager and so on.We will cover some of these methods in this blog post.


Perhaps the most widely used method for uploading websites is via FTP.FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is often used to put files on a server.

One of the most widely used FTP programs is FileZilla, mainly because it is an easy program to use.To connect to the right FTP server, you also need the ftp data.

You can create in the control panel of MyHostingPartner, here you will see a heading ftp accounts.Then click on your add and fill in the data, and you now have an FTP account.

You can then go back into filezilla and you can enter the server data.This is always ftp.JeDomeinNaam.nl with port 21, then you can upload the files of your website.

The file manager

Of course we also have a file manager on our hosting where you can put the files.You must take into account that your files can not be too large.

If your files are too large they will not be uploaded and you will get an error message.When this happens you need to upload the file further using an FTP program.

Of course we support almost every CMS available.A bare installation can also be done via the webapp gallery, you only need to press 1 button and the installation is performed.

Building your website online

This is another technique that is widely used is to develop the website that still needs to be made online.You can use a subdomain for this, so you can easily test your website without putting it live.

For this you only need to upload and install your CMS, after this you can start working with it yourself.The advantage is that you can test your website directly in an online environment.

If you have any questions about this, you can always see if one of our chat operators is present.If nobody is present at the chat, you can create a ticket to our helpdesk.