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Enabling payments on your website

Enabling payments on your website

Enabling payments on your website

With any website, at some point you may decide to enable payments on it. Whether this is a donation for an association, a service or product, or support. There are a number of different options for this that you can start using. With all have their pros and cons that apply. All methods of payment are not free, and will require you to give up at least a small percentage of the total payment or transaction. Let's take a look at the different options!

An important first step in launching payments on your website is that it comes with some obligations. You are dealing with sensitive data of people and organizations and you have the responsibility as webmaster to ensure privacy and security. So think carefully about making the necessary preparations to be safe and also update your necessary documents to comply with certain regulations.


PayPal is one of the most popular ways to make payments online, with minimal experience and setup a payment can be made on your website. PayPal can be easily requested by anyone, and business can also use it. However, PayPal does have some rules and practices that can make it a little more difficult for the recipient to receive your money. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this before choosing PayPal, and also realize that its costs are often higher than other solutions.

Payment provider like Mollie

Mollie is one of the ways in which you can easily and securely enable payments on your website, Mollie already takes care of a lot of things for you and ensures that payments continue smoothly. Like many thousands of other parties, we also use them to enable payments on our website. Mollie has a number of handy tools that make it easy to integrate within your website, and with ready-to-use tools can be worked with in no time.

Furthermore, Mollie has a fixed amount per transaction which is charged, so you will not be surprised. Which can also be a nice experience compared to other parties.

Donation options

Donating can be a valuable asset to your website, and is often used with blogs or otherwise content marketing. Where readers could thus support you to create more content. There are several parties for this, some popular options for this are Patreon and Buymeacoffee.

Where followers, readers or fans can support you on a direct basis with a single amount, or with a monthly contribution. This is how many artists and other content creators have been able to say goodbye to other ways of generating revenue. However, you are completely dependent on your target audience and supporters in this.

Integrate within your website or webshop

To integrate your chosen payment method within your website or webshop, you can often use existing tools. Payment providers want to make this as easy as possible to attract new customers. For this reason they already have plug-ins for WordPress, but also APIs ready for anyone who wants to get started. So often it is just a matter of installing the plug-in to enable payments. Or just insert a donation button on your website in the case of Patreon or Buymeacoffee.

Which payment methods do you use on your website? Let us know via Social Media!