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Customer service with a website

Customer service with a website

Customer service with a website

There are many ways to provide customer service through your website, whether you have a commercial website, a portfolio, or a blog. Visitors or customers can always want to get in touch with you on your website. Let's take a look at the different options in this blog post!

Customer service or contacting your visitors is an important point that often comes back on a daily basis. With a website, there are more options than the old fashioned way. With a website, you can capture more data and assist customers in a variety of ways. At the heart of this is often an email address. Email allows you to stay in touch with customers and business partners. And also often remains the way for two-way communication and appointments. However, there are also several ways that are widely used. Read on to find out what the best options are for your business and website hosting.

Contact forms in a fixed location

With a contact form, you can create a point of contact in a fixed location on your website so that customers or visitors can leave you a message. This is used by many businesses that aren't actively reaching out to new customers. Or similar use cases. Often you can also use a contact form to invite yourself to certain clubs or websites. For example, for an advertising network, etc. In this contact form, you can ask for information that is important to you, or reject it immediately if you do not meet the requirements. This way, you can decline many support and contact requests if they are not relevant. Contact forms are easy to create in almost any content management system, often with an additional plug-in. They also often have a permanent place on the contact page or registration page.

Email address clearly visible

An email address is still an integral part of online communication. So make sure your email address is displayed in highly visible places. That visitors don't have to search for it. For example, by placing it in a fixed place in the main menu, in the footer of the website or somewhere in the sidebar. Put the email address quickly and easily at MijnHostingPartner.nl that you never miss an email, whether it is in the webmail, in Outlook or your favorite program on the phone, computer or tab.

Phone number and default location

A phone number and default location or address can also be important for communication between you and your visitors. However, a physical location is only interesting if you also have a place where you can receive customers. Of course, this also depends on the business and the website. No one expects you to have an office with a meeting room for these purposes with a hobby blog about your favorite show. Businesses and physical stores are more dependent on this.

Phone numbers are no longer a standard feature of any business. There are many more efficient ways to communicate, which we will discuss below. However, this is a personal decision that you need to make for your business website.


Chat is, of course, a part of this blog, as we are very passionate about it. Since our launch in 2008, we made this one of our regular communication tools early on. In a chat, you can look back at how previous conversations went and solve problems faster. You can share screenshots, exchange files, and avoid spelling mistakes. Moreover, you can help multiple customers at the same time and switch or escalate chats faster. So in our opinion, it's ideal for our industry.

In addition, the inhibition threshold is often lower than with a phone call or email. So it's great for initial sales calls or smaller informal enquiries. Try it out for your customer service.

Social media

Social media is an increasingly important form of communication between customers and also business contacts. Again, the barrier is low and often a service the customer is already familiar with is used. Informal and direct are the characteristics of communication here. Addressing customers as "you" is often uncommon and informal salutations of "you" and "you're" are prevalent.

In social media, it is often possible to start a conversation in public or on a private basis with direct messages.

Help articles or a knowledge base

You can also put your product's manual online on your website, and customers can passively use it to help themselves along. Let's say you sell a software or hardware product. To use my favorite skating example again. Instructions on how to care for skates and learn how to skate belong here in your own knowledge base. This way you can anticipate support requests and provide a little extra service for your product or service.

Ideal again for a website, support or customer service can be offered actively or passively. So start your own website for your business along with MijnHostingPartner.nl, we will help you get to the top with online needs within your business. And all this for a very reasonable annual price.