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Create website without knowledge

Create website without knowledge

Create website without knowledge

Creating a website without knowledge

Nowadays everyone wants to create a website for your business or for your hobby, but how do you do this without any technical knowledge? If terms like PHP hosting, MySQL and ASP.NET hosting do not mean anything to you then it can be difficult to create your website. That is why we at MijnHostingPartner.nl have a number of ways to make your website without technical knowledge. This way you can have your website hosting live on the internet without any technical knowledge! This ensures a reach of your business that you will not be able to achieve in other ways.

Easier than it looks

Creating a website without knowledge is easier than you think. You have a lot of providers online where you can create your website with a simple drag and drop system. MijnHostingPartner.nl also has a sitebuilder that allows you to have your website online in a few simple steps. You choose from a number of templates or themes for your website hosting and add your text and photos or media. For example, you can showcase your photography work for a portfolio or your product. When you use a provider like SquarSpace or Weebly MijnHostingPartner.nl can also take care of your email and domain registration.

Using CMS

When you want to stand on your own two feet and eventually want to access your website code and files the best way is to use a CMS. This is an abbreviation for Content Management System. If you do some research you will soon come across WordPress or Joomla for example. These are Content Management Systems that are designed to quickly set up your website. The advantage over a site builder is that it is Open Source. In other words, you own the files of your website and you can edit them freely. This gives you more freedom.

A CMS comes in many different shapes and sizes. We recommend you to do your homework by taking a look in our Knowledge Base. Here you can see a lot of options that you can use to make your website hosting a success. And if you have any questions, you can always visit our chat with handy tips and tricks!