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Create an online portfolio

Create an online portfolio

Create an online portfolio

In order to make your mark, it makes sense to create a portfolio. After all, a portfolio is something you can easily show to clients, employers, and other interested parties. With a website, you take the next step in making yourself known on the internet. In this blog post, we're going to look at how you can do this in just a few steps.

A portfolio can help you land that next job. Having a portfolio on a website can also ensure that your work is actively or passively found. You can do this by actively promoting your portfolio on social media. Or by focusing on a set of keywords on your website to get found with your portfolio. This will allow you to be found in search engines like Google, for example with Visual Artist Utrecht. To give just one example. There are a number of other steps and issues associated with an online portfolio. Below, we'll take a look at exactly what those steps are.

Choosing a domain name

The first step you take to get your portfolio online is to choose a domain name. This way, customers and visitors will be able to find you on the internet, and it will be possible for anyone to visit your website. At MijnHostingPartner.nl a domain name can be registered with almost any extension. So it can be .NL .be or .com for example. This decision also depends heavily on where you want to offer your portfolio or services. If this is only the case in the Netherlands, then .NL is the logical choice.

In addition, the domain name itself with a portfolio is important to align with yourself if you want to create a brand on your own domain name or name. In other words, a personal brand, then you can make sure that your domain name is aligned with that. If you want to keep it more generic, this is also possible. Try to find a suitable domain name that you can keep professional and still use in 5 years. As for the rest, you are completely free to do so.

Package selection SSD hosting

Choosing a hosting package for a portfolio website is easy, with an SSD 25 package you have everything to get your website started. You can use your email and have a safe place to store all your data. And of course, plenty of storage space for most. With up to 25GB of total storage. So you can store and share thousands of photos, website files and emails on the web.Of course, if you need more space, it can be created quickly by upgrading.

Setting up a portfolio website

To create a portfolio website, you can easily use a software program called WordPress. This program makes it very easy to create your own portfolio. Simply install it from the client panel, and then immediately choose a theme for your portfolio. With a theme, it will be easy for you to set up your portfolio. The design will then be completely done for you, and you won't have to do much yourself. With WordPress , it is also possible to quickly add content to your website, install different pages or plug-ins. With these, you can customize the website as much as possible to your liking. For example, by setting up an online store to buy your products or services. Or add a nice layout or feature that shows off your photos to their best advantage. Still can't figure it out? Then you can always come to us for a chat so we can help you further.

Portfolio website filled with work

A website should obviously be filled with your work if you want to use it to attract clients. It depends on what exactly your work is about, for example do you have images you want to explain or are you working on your services or a software to offer? This can make the website take longer or shorter to fill with work. With a website, it is definitely important that you provide content in the form of text. This not only ensures that your portfolio website visitors have something to read that can convince them. It also ensures that your website can be found better by search engines like Google. `

If you have any more questions about hosting your portfolio website, improving it or getting a higher ranking in Google, feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you. MijnHostingPartner.nl is your partner for hosting and the success of your website.