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Create a website for your favorite project

Create a website for your favorite project

Create a website for your favorite project

Whether you're working on your own business or a side gig in website design, optimization, graphics, photography or any other project of your passion. An online portfolio website can be the difference between finding your next job and starting your career, and having that always remain just a dream. You may think that having your own portfolio website is too much for you or too expensive to maintain. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this blog post, we want to promote your passion project by creating your own website for it.

Many people have a hobby or passion project in addition to their full-time job, whether it's the dream of running a food truck. Shooting the most beautiful photos or selling wood carvings online. You can get into a rhythm of work over the years and become less and less confident in your dream. The first step you can take is to create a website for it and already trying to share your passion with as many people as possible. With a website you can reach a worldwide audience and hopefully make a difference. Of course, a website is not a guarantee of success for your own business. But it can be the first step that gets you where you want to go. Below, we'll give you the tools to get started with your own portfolio website right away!

It starts with a domain name

Like many other things, a website starts with a name. You can come up with your own name, you just need to keep in mind that a domain name is an essential part of the whole thing. It should be short, easy to remember and free of strange characters. And finally, the domain name should still be available. Want to check if your domain name is still available? Enter your domain name in the configurator and it will check if your domain name is still available and give you the opportunity to register it in real time.

The domain name extension is also entirely up to you and has more to do with the language you want to create your website in and the country or countries you want to operate in. This could be .nl for the Netherlands, .be for Belgium, etc.

Choice of package, technique on which the website can be made

A website for your hobby project can be made in many different ways, whether you want to develop the whole thing and write the code yourself. Or you want to work with a ready-made content management system. All this is possible with hosting from MijnHostingPartner.nl. We offer various packages that can serve as a blank canvas for your project, and also packages that are more suitable for a specific technique. For example, there are special packages for ASP.NET Core, on which Umbraco websites can be hosted and own projects with .NET Core. We also have packages for hosting a PHP content management system like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. These are best run on an SSD package for the best speed.

Website creation

For most beginners, we recommend creating a website using the WordPress content management system, as WordPress allows you to perform almost all activities in a visual way. You don't have to dig into the code to enable features or just add an image. Everything can be done through WordPress itself. WordPress is extremely popular and therefore comes with thousands of themes and plug-ins that you can download for free. These plug-ins and themes will make sure that your website looks exactly the way you want it to and provides the features you need for your passion project. From a booking module for your vacation home or mobile home that you have built around it. To the creation of a web store for your wood carvings.

You can easily install WordPress with the click of a button in the customer panel of MijnHostingPartner.nl. After that you can immediately start creating your WordPress website. You can spend a day or even a whole month on it. It is up to you to decide.

Getting the word out about your website and services

A big part of any website, of course, is getting the website and services seen by as many people as possible. You can do this directly through advertising or indirectly. However, there are many different types of internet marketing. And in doing so, everyone has to find their own way. However, the advantage of Internet marketing and especially advertising costs is that you do not need a large fortune or start-up capital for it. Depending on your target group and product, you can do it for a few cents per click. So with an investment of 10 euros, you can quickly draw a lot of attention to your offer.

Also, it is not necessary to run ads to draw attention to your website. You can also express your passion for your website and services in blog posts to get found organically in the various search engines. And social media can also grow naturally without having to budget for it. By all means, create posts and media that appeal to your target audience, and don't be afraid to communicate with your followers!