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Create a hobby website

Create a hobby website

Create a hobby website

If you want to create a website for a sport or hobby, you are often looking for an inexpensive way to do it. At MijnHostingPartner.nl we also have your package ready for the Starter or Passion projects. For less than a week's shopping you can host your website and domain name for a year! Let's take a look at what is possible to start a hobby website.

What is your goal for the hobby website?

A hobby website can be set up for many reasons. Often people start by sharing their favorite hobby with multiple people, and where better to do that than on the internet? This often starts on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit are full of enthusiastic groups sharing their hobby. However, to keep control of your own content and not have it hosted by one of these companies, you can also choose to host it yourself on a website. Write as many words as you want and decide what content to display. You have complete freedom in doing so.

Even if it is on topics that are not allowed on some social media.A hobby website can also be set up for purely informational purposes and later develop into a business. For example, by offering advertising on the website, recommending products or other ways to make a website profitable.

How do you register a domain name for this purpose?

A domain name is the name for the website and the address where the website can be found. For a hobby website, you can often make this more playful than, say, a domain name for a law firm. However, it's important that you pay attention to this so that it doesn't become too unprofessional. Should you want to sell or transfer your hobby website at some point, it's nice if this doesn't cause any problems.

You can easily determine the domain name extension yourself by looking at what countries this hobby is popular in, or what language you want to run it in. .com with English, for example, is suitable for a worldwide audience. .NL with Dutch is also suitable for Belgium. This is always more to adjust to your target audience and possible audience.

How do you start a hobby website?

Creating a hobby website is easier than you might think, because tools like WordPress are designed to get you started quickly. And with a hobby website hosting, this will often be in the blog niche. It's easy to set up a blog with WordPress, and it doesn't require much effort or homework. Just install it through the client panel and get to work choosing a theme and putting your first content live. WordPress is designed to be easy to use. And you can use it for your hobby website too.

The layout of a website is determined by one of the themes already available in WordPress . Or you can download a theme through the WordPress admin environment, this is always done by a third party. So before you choose a theme, there are a few things you should consider. With a theme, you can change the entire look and feel of the website with the click of a button.

Achieve more when you get more traffic

In order to take the next step with a hobby website, i.e. earning an income or helping more people, it is often necessary to get more visitors. This sounds simple, but it can be quite a challenge. You can gain new visitors by sharing your content on social media, writing more content, and gathering quality backlinks. With more traffic, you can also achieve more on your website. Once you get a steady stream of visitors, you can build more and naturally spend more time on the site.

Start your hobby website now at MijnHostingPartner.nl for a great price! And if you have any questions, you can always get advice online in our chat.