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Bring your own business online!

Bring your own business online!

Bring your own business online!

If you have your own business it is nowadays only normal to have your own website.Most things nowadays are bought online.
It can be difficult to start your own store because you have to put a lot of work into it.To help you on your way, we are going to go through in this blog post how you can best start creating a website.


To run your own website online you need an environment where you can do this, this is called hosting.This is where you get your own environment where you can place your files and your website can be found online.
You have many different types and choosing the right package can be difficult.For most people a total package is sufficient.
If you want your website to be just a little bit faster then you can use an SSD package.This will make your website run faster because it uses an SSD drive instead of a normal drive.

Your own domain name

Besides the right hosting, you also need your own domain name.You need to register one, which can be done very easily at almost any party.
After your domain registration you can immediately start installing WordPress, for example.It is also important to think about your domain extension.
If you sell a product internationally, for example, then it is best to purchase a .com or a .net domain.If you only want to sell products in the Netherlands or you have a Dutch site then it is best to get a .nl domain.

Choose the right CMS

Most websites nowadays are created using a Content Management System such as WordPress or Umbraco.It is important that you research which system suits you and which one you want to use.

For most people, however, the first choice is WordPress.This is mainly due to the ease of use and the fact that it is a very flexible system.

You can put together anything from personal blogs to your own webshop.This is because of the many plug-ins and themes that are available for it, which gives you a very extensive possibility to make your website the way you want it.

If you prefer ASP.NET then there are also extensive possibilities for this, however Umbraco is the standout.Just like WordPress this is a very flexible system but more suitable for extensive websites.

Your own mail address

Especially when you have a business website it is important that you have your own mail address.You should not use, for example, a Gmail or Hotmail address, that does not look professional.

If you want to create a mail address on your hosting it will automatically be linked to your domain name.This means that you get a mail address such as info@JeDomeinNaam.nl, this is already a lot more professional.

You have the ability to mail completely to your liking to set up so you can make extensive use of it.It is also possible to set up your mail accounts locally in the following way: mail setup.


It sometimes happens that people create their website and then don't do much about it anymore.This is highly inadvisable because websites often need a lot of maintenance.

Especially with WordPress hosting it is very important to maintain everything as well as possible.You don't have to regularly change your content or mess up your website.

It is just a matter of frequently logging into the admin area and then updating everything.Often it is the case that these updates are for the security of your website because they close leaks.

You can also think of maintenance as making regular backups of your website.If it ever goes wrong or you can't undo a setting you can easily restore it.

If you have any questions you can always see if there is a chat employee present.If no one is available you can create a ticket using our ticket system.Contact via Facebook or Twitter is also possible.