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5 elements for website design

5 elements for website design

5 elements for website design

The design of a website is a critical part of the user's user experience and can influence how visitors value and use the site. Value and use website. A modern and attractive design can help a website to stand out in a crowded online space and can help build Contribute to brand awareness and brand loyalty. The following are some important factors to consider when designing a modern and attractive Website. Use them now to make your website not only as beautiful as possible, but also the most successful one!

Target groups

The design of the website should be based on the target audience and the the message of the website. For example, a website for children needs a completely different design than a website for healthcare professionals. Healthcare. The difference here may lie, for example, in the color scheme, the style of the content, and the imagery. Everywhere can have small differences that reflect your style, and this is also to make your website design unique.


The layout of the website should be well structured and and easy to navigate for the visitors. Important elements like the navigation, the logo and the most important content should be in the right place and easy to find. So think carefully about the layout of your menu and where it is located. For example, a sticky menu that scrolls along can be be a nice addition, or a small button that lets you navigate straight back to the top. Again. Both of these elements are relatively easy to implement into any website. Website.

Color scheme

The color scheme of the website should be consistent and consistent with the message of the website. It is important not to use too many colors colors and to make sure that the color scheme does not distract from the distract from the content of the website. Also, note the colors you use in hexadecimal so that you always know exactly which colors to use. Have. This can also be useful for your colleagues' work, and there can then be no discussions about the colors, since there is then a fixed source for them that can be used again and again. Also adapt these colors in your website logo, if applicable, and also in your mail correspondence.


The font used on the website should be easily legible and fit the message of the website and the target audience. It is important not to use too many different fonts, and the size and the color of the text should be well matched to the background. Too complicated fonts can, in turn, distract from the actual content. For websites and official businesses, it is better to use a more business-like font than one that is font than one that belongs on a grade school report card.

Another technical tip is to load the font on a website download locally, i.e. within your hosting area . This may result in a This can provide a slight speed improvement and is also one less source to fetch from outside. Sources. Which in turn can be a privacy issue.

Responsive design

The design of the website should also be suitable for different devices Be suitable for different devices, such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. It is important that the website looks good and works well on all devices. Works on all devices. You can achieve this mainly by choosing a Content Management System and its theme correctly. Almost all themes and Layouts are already designed to be suitable for mobile devices. But it is still good to do this yourself on multiple screens to screens. It may also be that you have not scaled an image properly, e.g. which may not improve usability on mobile screens. So always test the entire website at regular intervals, and also keep an eye on the Google Search Console report. There it is already indicated when this might be the case.

In short, the design of a website is an important part of the user experience and can have a big impact on how How visitors evaluate and use the site. It is important to It is important to consider the target audience, the website's message, and the various design factors such as layout, color scheme, typography and responsive design, to create a modern and attractive website. Get your your hosting package at MijnHostingPartner.com and get your website optimally hosted! And at a low cost.