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WordPress 5-6 what's new

WordPress 5-6 what's new

WordPress 5-6 what's new

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System used in the Netherlands. Like any technology WordPress does not stand still, this is what has been updated in the latest 5.6 version.

WordPress is an easy way to create a website for minimal costs, with only the annual hosting fees you can host your WordPress website for a whole year for less than a week's shopping! WordPress is in fact open source software which means it does not have to be paid for to use for your website. What also makes WordPress a further success is that there are many themes and plugins available that make it easy to give your entire website a different look, and add functionality as needed.

WordPress 5.6 is the last major update of 2020.

What's new in WordPress 5.6?

Again, this update has a lot of components on the go. The WordPress team listens to users to make each update the best it can be. The following components have been updated and changed in this latest WordPress update.

Layout has become more flexible

The layout of WordPress has become more accessible with the new block editor or Gutenberg thanks to a number of improvements. In the different blocks that can be created, you can put in all your texts, headings, images and much more in a snap.

More block patterns

In a number of themes it is now also possible to easily create and put live blocks. So you can clearly see in the end result that this looks the same. It is therefore easier to build a page in the administrator environment and to know immediately what it looks like on the website itself.

Uploading video captions is now standard in the block editor

Subtitles and captions can now be added in the block editor to all your videos. This makes it a lot easier to better organize your videos on your website. Without having to perform any additional steps for adding subtitles and captions.

Twenty Twenty- One theme comes installed

New year and a new Theme! In this theme Twenty Twenty One, again a lot of blog websites can go ahead again for years. The standard WordPress themes are especially suitable for the people who want to host a blog without all the homework to another theme that needs to be done.

WordPress 5-6 what's new

Developed and supported by the WordPress team itself they always provide a stable platform to host your blog without any worries. Without having to spend too much time and effort on the theme. Again, this theme is great for working with the block editor. And you can use all the features that may not be possible with other themes.

The Twenty Twenty one theme puts your content back in the foreground, with also a completely customizable color palette. So that you can put it all to your own style.

Automatic updates have been extended

Automatic updates have been a standard feature of several versions of WordPress. As soon as an update is ready you can have it installed without any action on your part. The only thing you need to activate are the automatic updates themselves for an existing WordPress website.

We recommend you leave this on for relatively simple blogs, so you always have the latest security measures. If you want us to control this, you can also take a look at our Managed WordPress hosting packages. This gives you the freedom to focus purely on your website. Without the stress of a plugin or theme breaking your website with an automatic update.

Template for accessibility statement is available

The data statement and how personal data is processed on a website is of great importance. With the privacy regulations that are already in place almost everywhere in western countries. Is it of great importance that you comply with this.

With the new plugin that has been developed for this purpose you will have a template that you can easily expand with your information. As soon as you use Google AdSense or Google Analytics you need to report that you are using these services. And you also need to make a cookie notification for this.

Patterns are included

Patterns are now included in the editor so you can make optimal use of them in the standard WordPress themes. In a playful way you can create a beautiful and unique website. Complex layouts can now be created in an instant and immediately seen live on your WordPress website. This gives you the freedom to experiment without worries.

Beginning of support for PHP 8

PHP 8 is the new version of PHP that will soon be available in our hosting as well. When a stable release is out and can be used with WordPress it will bring a lot of speed improvements and security updates.

WordPress 5.6 is taking the first steps to become PHP 8 compatible. More news about this will be shared in our blog posts when there is more to tell.

REST API authentication

With this new feature within WordPress authentication options are now available that allow third party apps to access your WordPress website.The REST API then also allows you to see which apps have access to your website and determine exactly what actions they can perform.

Are you going to upgrade to WordPress 5.6 right away? Then make a backup of your current website first! You can read more about this in our knowledge base and blog posts.