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NopCommerce 4.3 released

NopCommerce 4.3 released

NopCommerce 4.3 released

NopCommerce is a webshop Content Management System based on .NET. In this post we will cover what has changed in the latest update of the CMS.

Perhaps similar to other webshop solutions like WooCommerce with WordPress or OpenCart that are based on PHP, NopCommerce is built with .NET. With the extremely good performance of .NET hosting at MijnHostingPartner.nl you will see even better speed results with the latest version of NopCommerce. This is because the .NET version has been updated to the latest stable release. Because of this the speed improvements can be used from the source code in thehosting.

Developments of NopCommerce

NopCommerce has been around for a while with their system, 11 years they have been ensuring that tens of thousands of web shops run and are turned into success stories. With a long history with NopCommerce at MijnHostingPartner.nl we have also experienced this growth. In this latest update NopCommerce also embraces the stable release of .NET 3.1, this release from the team at Microsoft brings many benefits. And one of the most interesting benefits is the significant improvement in speed once again.

Especially with a webshop speed is of great importance, because you do not want to lose any shoppers because of a long loading time. With the special .NET hosting from MijnHostingPartner.nl we have a complete package for NopCommerce hosting. Speed and everything you need for a stable environment for your webshop. This we can offer you with our .NET packages.

What else has changed in the latest release of NopCommerce?

So speed has improved with this latest release. But how exactly did they do this? It's because they've revamped the existing caching system. The Entity Framework is now in the rearview mirror and is no longer used. This also added a surprising final development, namely:

MySQL support! NopCommerce always used MS-SQL databases or Microsoft SQL databases. But now by releasing the Entity Framework it is now possible to use MySQL databases. Of course these can also be used with the .NET hosting. This implementation was done by the team of NopCommerce after many requests from the community.

And then another free plugin has been released for a Facebook pixel from the NopCommerce team. With this pixel, it is possible to better analyze conversions and get more out of your desired target audience. Selective advertising makes it possible to get your product into the hands of buyers. Ultimately you will also save on advertising costs by not advertising at random anymore. This plugin is already linked to new installations, so when you install NopCommerce hosting there is no need to install it separately.

With the implementation of .NET 3.1 there is, in addition to the speed, also a promised runtime of 3 years of security updates and bug fixes promised by Microsoft. Webshops that are now installed with the latest version of NopCommerce can continue for 3 years without major version updates. This is a good thing for a stable environment safe from attacks.

NopCommerce hosting at MijnHostingPartner.nl

NopCommerce hosting is a cost effective way to run a webshop on a stable and reliable platform. Thanks to .NET and the used technology it is possible to set up a webshop that converts in no time. Add a blog to your webshop without a second website or installation. Adding products and payment methods is easy and fast. Benefits galore. With the extensive documentation from both MijnHostingPartner.nl and the NopCommerce team there is an answer for every question. And if you need more support than a question can be asked in the support forum or a contract can be signed. NopCommerce itself is free to use and requires no monthly fees, for plugins or extensions a fee may be charged.

With our four .NET packages, there is a package for every NopCommerce website, choose the one you need and upgrade effortlessly. So you can grow with us to a large webshop. With standard own MS-SQL and MySQL databases you can choose the one you want to use. The private protected environment that you get ensures that you have a stable environment without being bothered by others. And with the SSD drives and optimization of MijnHostingPartner.nl you can be assured of the promised speed of NopCommerce.

Furthermore, we do our best to support version updates of NopCommerce as soon as possible. With fast implementation of .NET version updates, the latest versions of NopCommerce can thus be used without any difficulty.

Any further questions? Feel free to contact one of our staff on chat or submit a ticket.