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New layout and changes to packages

New layout and changes to packages

New layout and changes to packages

New layout and changes to packages

MijnHostingPartner.nl has been working on our layout and design for some time now. We are always working to make the customer experience as pleasant as possible. We do this by further splitting up our packages and making it clear to new customers where they stand.

What you will immediately notice is that the email hosting package and Domain only package have disappeared from the front page. This is not to say that we don't provide those anymore. What we encountered more often on the chat and in the tickets is that for some customers it was not clear which package should be chosen for hosting a website. We have now eliminated this by only showing the hosting packages on the main page. This way you can do almost anything in terms of hosting with each of the 4 packages.

2 SSD packages

We have also now expanded the popular SSD hosting package to include a second option. In addition to the original space we had allocated to it of 25 GB, we have now gone the extra mile with 50 GB of SSD disk space! This way you can get all your media from your website at lightning speed thanks to the speed of the SSD disks.

Total and Total XL package

Of course, the popular total package still exists in the same way, because this is an incredibly competitively priced package with lots of features. If you're just starting out with your website or need a reliable low-cost option, the Total package is your first choice.

The Total XL package is also otherwise unchanged and remains the option for anyone who has a large website. Whether it's media or a large website. Without limits on disk space, you can go any way you want with your website. Unlimited hosting at a competitive price!

ASP.NET Core packages

The ASP.NET Core packages are proving to be extremely popular with anyone looking for a solution for their business website. What is special about these packages is that there is a dedicated application pool for each website. This ensures that you get an extremely stable website. Combine this with the SSD disks on which they are stored by default and you will have stable and above all very fast ASP hosting websites.

Packages for OpenCart, nopCommerce, Umbraco and more

Now that the demand for a specific package for a Content Management System is growing more and more MijnHostingPartner.nl tries to respond to it. Specially designed hosting for your favorite CMS. The packages that we set up for this purpose are standard on SSD disks and have, just like the ASP.NET Core packages, a dedicated application pool. We set up the packages so that each CMS gets the maximum benefit. We also install your CMS for free on your hosting space.