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New Google update for review websites

New Google update for review websites

New Google update for review websites

In April 2021, another new Google update has been released that is specifically aimed at review websites or affiliate websites. The purpose of this is to bring up the best product reviews in the search results. And the lower quality reviews where little effort has been put into bringing them down. Let's cover this update in this blog post. What has changed and how you might improve your review articles.

Review websites or affiliate websites have become a big part of the internet and still rising. Indeed, it is always a challenge to find the best product for your needs. Review websites, and also reviews you can find on YouTube make it easy to find the best product for your budget. And can give new insights that you might not have thought of. MijnHostingPartner.nl also hosts a large number of affiliate websites in our hosting.

For each product that is reviewed there is a link present with which the webmasters of these websites earn a commission on each purchase. A win-win for all parties. However, there are also websites and YouTube videos present that want to be in the front row with the least effort. Products they have never had in their hands, and only getting reviewed for the commission is not the best path to take. So Google has added more rules to the algorithm here to find the best reviews of these and have them show up at the top of the results.

The update from April has so far only impacted English-language results, but will eventually be rolled out to the Netherlands as well.

What is more taken into account?

Like every Google update, there is not one department or topic that is taken into account, but many different factors that are reversed. This update focused on the following tasks that need to be improved, or taken into account when writing reviews on websites.

Demonstrating extensive knowledge of the product.

Demonstrating knowledge is obviously a no brainer for writing a review for a product. This also comes back to the quality of your content counting heavily. And so here should be actual experience for products. Rather than a general overview.

Showing the product, how it's used and what unique content can you bring that doesn't just come from the creator

This points to showing a product in various ways, such as taking unique photos of the product. Creating a YouTube video, for example. Or creating other visuals that showcase the highlights of the product. This is therefore a part that also requires attention.

Providing measurements of the product, and whether this corresponds to the product specifications of the creator.

Pretty obvious, measure the product and mention this in the review. Also compare what the manufacturer has said about this.

Showing the advantages of the product compared to the competition

Broadening the article with advantages over other products is thus also recommended by Google to include in product reviews.

Showing possible alternatives to the product

Just like broadening the article with possible alternatives that can be used for the same purpose.

Discussing the pros and cons of a product, based on your findings or research

With reviewing a product, people are curious about your opinion. Your use and research that you have done. So this is also what you want to translate in your review.

Describe the career of the product and how it was in previous versions. Or the evolution of a product.

The evolution of a product can be interesting for many different branches, from cars to software packages. Technology does not stand still. So a great opportunity to address this in the review.

Identifying "core" benefits of this product, why users should choose this product

So why this product is the choice should be explained in detail with several arguments and with your own experience. From this you show that this is the thoughtful choice for this product. And is not a reason pulled out of thin air.

Describing the design of a product and how it impacts the function. In addition to what a developer says about this

A review of the design of the product is appropriate for almost any product. If there is some history about this then it can be mentioned. And with an entirely new product, a look back can be made at how the design was arrived at. What further advantages does the design have for the function.

So you see again that Google does not stand still in the ranking of websites, and if your income or success depends on this then it is obviously essential to stay on top. Grow along with your website and where necessary update previous articles and texts to the latest standards. MijnHostingPartner.nl will always cover the latest news in its blog posts. So don't miss anything by joining our social media channels to be informed about this!