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Google update of May 2022 has finished rolling out

Google update of May 2022 has finished rolling out

Google update of May 2022 has finished rolling out

Every year Google has several updates to its search engine, however, in May they have a major core update that can always shake things up. Has your website noticed a difference in ranking over the last few weeks? If so, this should have normalized by now. Let's take a look at what this Google Core update has brought with it.

Google updates can shake things up for a lot of websites, with legendary updates like Penguin in 2012 turning entire industries upside down. Google is always fine-tuning their algorithms and ultimately picking out the best search results for your query. So whether you are looking for a shoe store nearby, or want to know the differences between two different solar panels. Google's goal is to bring your information up here. After all, there are a lot of websites, and a lot of competitors in almost every branch.

What has been the focus of this update?

As is often the case, it is not stated exactly what has changed, just as Google does not give the exact formula on which it bases its search results. However, it is pretty clear that this core update from Google has put the focus on detecting and recognizing AI content, or text written by a computer. In recent years there have been a few parties that have fully embraced this and are working on creating AI that can create content. This is already to the point that it is being used on more and more websites, first with the aim of artificially quickly ranking websites. After this more as a goal to actually have meaningful texts generated.

A lot of boring writing that doesn't have to be a landing page for your customers could be handled by A.I. Think of a large webshop with 2000 almost identical products like screws, bolts and nuts. The product text could then easily and quickly be put together by A.I. What could be a win-win situation for many webmasters and writers. And on balance also means that writers can be replaced.

Some results were already flooded by low quality websites that could write a lot of content for this because of A.I. In this update a lot of sources are already reporting that the Google Core Update has a big impact on the ranking of these websites. And here already feel the results. A.I. content only goes against Google's guidelines for good content if the intent of the text is to artificially rank higher or manipulate search results. Much so what A.I. is now being abused for.

Google Updates

Every Google update brings a lot of things with it, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad for your website. If you keep doing your best with the content, loading time and user experience of your website hosting. Then there is a good chance you will not actually notice much of this. However, it may be the case that you will see the positions of the different search terms change.

If you notice dramatic differences then it will also have to do with the update. Positive of course is a sign that you are doing well and can start creating more of the same content. Negative and you will have to get to work to create better content, a faster website or on the other hand critically look at the user experience of the website. These issues are often labeled as the main reason why a website drops in the search results. Or there is simply a competitor added.

If you notice a lot of negative results from the last update, try not to despair but to roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you abandon a website after this, it will sink further and further, and all your hard work for this can be wasted. Many starting webmasters can often underestimate how much work can go into maintaining a website, especially if you have any kind of regular content on it. For example, a website with a blog can have 100 articles on it after a year. That's 100 articles that all have a chance to rank for a special term. All of which can therefore bring visitors to your website.

As soon as you start on the first article as webmaster, you will realize that it will take a lot of effort to reach 100 blog posts. So start today instead of tomorrow.

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