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Google - Mobile even more important

Google - Mobile even more important

Google - Mobile even more important

Google ranking â€" Mobile now even more important

Google ranking and search engine ranking is for most still a daily battle that must be fought to ensure that your websites rank as high as possible. In many previous blog posts we have already covered many of the components of this that influence ranking. From SSL certificates to the content on your website. Now since March 26, 2018 Google has made a notification that after one and a half years of testing with mobile ranking now the accessibility of a mobile page becomes even more important. So the content on your website hosting should be suitable for mobile screens as well as any other screen.

But how can you test exactly how suitable your website is? Fortunately, Google has created a tool that gives you tips on how to get started.


With this tool you will receive useful tips on how to make your website as suitable as possible for your visitors. It is important that your website does not use a separate mobile website such as m.domein.nl. That is actually punished because of duplicate content. But that you use a website that scales with the device. So whether it's a smartphone or a large screen of a desktop.

How do you make your website suitable for mobile?

You do this by working with a CMS like WordPress by choosing a theme that is best suited for this. This is already the case for 90% of the cases. It is only necessary to see if your images and content is also suitable. This is done by extensive testing through Google Pages or other tools created for this purpose. If you do not work with a CMS and build the website yourself, it is advisable to look at existing libraries of buttons and CSS that are already suitable to move with the size of a screen. This also ensures that you don't have to fix things absolutely.

In the knowledge base and blog posts you can find more tips about this.