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Google AdSense celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Google AdSense celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Google AdSense celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Google AdSense is often the first method website owners consider to generate revenue from their websites that do not directly sell products or services. For a content website, which could be a blog, a hobby website or an informational website, for example. Ads are often the way to generate revenue from this without a lot of active work. Google AdSense is a way for many to earn extra pocket money, run their media business or, on the other hand, support their hobby. In this blog post, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Google AdSense and show you how you too can get involved!

Join Google AdSense

You can join Google AdSense at any time, but question 2 is also whether your websites or applications will also be accepted for ad placement. This is because you must comply with the content guidelines in order to participate. These content guidelines are extensive and not always clear, but the most important thing is that your website meets certain standards and values and is safe to use. Illegality on your website, tobacco or incitement to violence or hatred on your website means almost automatic rejection.

Registering your website and getting it approved by Google AdSense

Once you have signed up with Google AdSense, the next step is to get your site approved, which can take a few days, a few weeks or sometimes longer. There is no way to speed this up or otherwise get more information. So you are always in limbo and dependent on the response from Google AdSense. In many cases, if you have been rejected, you can try again to get a website approved. You will receive a detailed explanation of why your website was not approved and can then follow the guidelines to get another chance.

As a guideline, it is advisable not to have a new website approved immediately, but to let it sit for 6 months and collect content. With about 10 pages, an SSL certificate, a privacy and cookie policy and a clear About Us page. Here are some tips that can help you pass the test.

Virtually no active work required with automatic ad placements

Once you have passed the exam and are allowed to use Google AdSense, you can do so almost immediately. All you need to do is add a javascript to the header of your website. And select the automatic display and placement of ads. Apart from that, you have no work. This makes it ideal to set something up once, on the "set and forget" model, and the rest is done for you.

This means that you can make money as long as you get traffic to your site and show people ads. Of course, even after the initial evaluation, you still have to abide by the terms of the content policy. And stick to the rules of the game. For example, you must not ask anyone to click on ads. And clicking on your own ads is out of the question. So always stick to the guidelines and try to get ahead of any problems.

No threshold for required traffic like other ad publishers

One of the biggest advantages for aspiring webmasters is the low requirements in terms of traffic to your website. With many ad publishers, you can only start with 50,000 visitors per month. With AdSense, there are no monthly traffic requirements. This means that you can often start generating revenue from your website quickly. After all, 50,000 visitors per month is quite a chunk to overcome. And many websites never reach this target. So with AdSense, you can easily generate revenue even with smaller websites. And because your AdSense account is a collection point for all your websites, together they form a potentially nice revenue pot.

What's more, you're not dealing directly with customers, as you would if you were selling a product, software or service. And so you have the opportunity to generate further passive income with ads. Something that has become a popular search trend itself over the years.

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