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Dynamic DNS at MijnHostingPartner.nl

Dynamic DNS at MijnHostingPartner.nl

Dynamic DNS at MijnHostingPartner.nl

Dynamic DNS at MijnHostingPartner.nl

DNS is an important part of Hosting at MijnHostingPartner.nl. DNS ensures that your website is accessible, your email is always received and many more important parts. To ensure that your website and mail around the world is fast and reliable, MijnHostingPartner.nl has a Global DNS environment set up in cooperation with Oracle Dyn.

From locations all over the world we now have servers that make sure that every change at DNS level is resolved in an unprecedented time. Normally when you make a change at the DNS level it takes quite a while before it is visible locally. Thanks to our multiple locations around the world this is a thing of the past.


A DDOS attack is an annoying event that affects many hosting parties and websites. With our global DNS solution we can arm ourselves against this better than ever before. Every node we have worldwide has its own protection against DDOS attacks. In addition, they are also independent of each other. If one node fails or is switched off for maintenance, this will not affect the accessibility of your website. It will always be served by another node.


Worldwide we have our DNS thanks to Oracle Dyn, this allows for implementation of DNS records on all domains in less than 1 minute. So when you depend on a fast change this is the best you can get. Also, loading times from various locations around the world are as fast as searching for your website in the Netherlands. Something that is normally Monitoring and direct line to cut offBesides the global DNS solution, we also have direct lines to parties that can intervene if there is abuse on an IP address.

The local internet service provider then acts quickly and you will have far fewer DDOS attacks. Speed increases by up to 30% Speed also has to do with the DNS. The response time of the DNS can cause a considerable delay for your website. A fast website makes sales and earnings. It's as simple as that nowadays.

If visitors have to wait longer than 3 seconds, a large percentage of them will drop out. Do not miss out on sales because of a long loading time and host your website at MijnHostingPartner.nl where we do everything to get your website as fast as possible and keep it that way.